Should Recycling Be Mandatory and Why

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I would love to be able to help out the community through cleaning up the dump sites. The way I would accomplish my goal would be to start out by setting up mandatory recycling bins through the city and in schools along with major business. There is incredibly too much recyclable items that are ending up in landfills, because people are to lazy and undereducated on recycling. So should recycling be mandatory?

Recycling is people make used plastic into new things. Through recycling and reusing the trash, energy will more likely be saved. With usa increasing population and use of disposable products, our natural resources are being used up at an harmful rate. Currently a little bit le than 1/4 of our trash is being recycled, with the remaining being thrown carelessly away in landfills. This just looks crazy when we could be reusing or even recycling more than 3/4 of the waste we throw away. Almost everything we use in our lives can be recycled including aluminum cans, aluminum foil and bake ware, steel and tin cans used for soup and canned food, cardboard that comes in milk and juice cartons like in thomasville high school, newspaper, phone books, glass products, plastics bottles, jars, and jugs, car and household batteries, and our light bulbs. If just half of Americans recycled on a regular basis, it would reduce greenhouse emission by the same factor as taking over 20 million cars off the road. By recycling we could reduce exploitation of natural resources, save money, reduce pollution and waste, and create jobs and boost the economy.

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Recycling can help the air stay healthy. While it also reduces pollution which will also lead to helping many animals and plants. Another reason that saving plants that nobody thinks about is that we need to breath. We can slow air pollution and keep the air clean by saving energy and planting more abundance of trees. If noting is done to help stop this constant rate in air pollution then we will suffer majorly in the long run.

The major way to start off a new recycling world is with the younger kids like firt grade and younger, and there are many ways in doing tat. We cn have a recycling challenge to clean the school, which will make them happy to win. A lot of schools ask students to spend a set amout of time that are called service hours by cleaning the school garder and picking up litter around thomasville. A little bit more and once the litter is collected ask kids to unscrample the waste into the right labled box. Make it a school system wide challenge about which class can collect and properly sort the most plastic and trash.

In conclusion this would be a major way in helping aroound thomas county. We could make school systems have a challenge and whoever wins gets to be recognized downtown on a stage. 

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