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Should Same Sex Marriage Be Legalized?

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The world we living is a progressive world, which we have space to show ourself to society. People have equality for them to find their true love and live a happy life. Thence, I agree that Government should not forbid same sex marriage.

First of all, Same sex marriage is not contrary to nature but contrary to the natural conception of the person. I want to assert that it is not their fault when people live with their real characteristic. They can not choose their gender. Moreover, they are human, why do we have to distinguish, scorn, alienate them. Eventhough they are different but they still want to be treated fairly. Marriage is a recognition for the love of a couple, everyone has the right to marry voluntary. Marriage is a recognition for the love of a couple, they do not affect society, it is the consent of two people and not dependent on gender. Homosexuals, victims of the irony of the Creator, every day is always under heavy pressure from the prejudice of society. When we go out in the street, sometimes we meet two girls kissing, some people will look normal, no thought, some people will smile may admire it … But certainly still Many people have horrible thoughts.

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According to Matt Bomer, “ Everybody thinks that equality comes from identifying people, and that is not where equality comes from. Equality comes from treating everybody the same regardless of who they are”. To restore the interest of the same-sex marriage, The US Supreme Court ruled in favor and legalized same-sex marriage across the United State on June 26th, 2015. “ There is no reason for them not to respect and exercise human rights. When many people try to deny homosexuality that does not exist in society or we are trying to impose extraterrestrial values, the true of the lesbians, gays community is a component of society and the responsibility to protect human rights, that is we can not dety” President Barack Obama stated. By believing in the true value of every human being, President Obama has put the first steps on the road to overcoming conservative stereotypes and helping gay people find their true love. Community should admit them, give a chance for them to intergrate with the public, respect and protect their value which connect with human rights.

Furthermore, there are many famous homosexuals have great contribution to the country. As you can see, more and more develop country accept same-sex marriage offically. I wonder why our government want to forbid them. They succeeded with their efforts like Tim Cook _ director of Apple. After five years took over Apple’s CEO from Steve Jobs, Tim Cook pocketed 373 million USD from the company’s doubling stocks in five years. On October 30th, 2014, Cook came out as gay in an editorial for Bloomberg Business, stating “ I’m proud to be gay, and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me” [2]. As a homosexual, he deeply understand the hardships and challenges a homosexual to face everyday. It made him more sympathetic and found his life richer than ordinary people. Besides, there is a talented female star who has contributed her talents to the country. That is Ellen_host of the famous talk show name Elle Show.

In 1997, Ellen DeGeneres came out as lesbian. The disclosure of her sexual orientation sparked intense interest by American tabloids. The contentiousness of the media coverage stunted DeGeneres’ professional career and left her “mired in depression”. But never falls, it’s female MC Ellen DeGeneres. “ I do not have to be afraid, I always thinks that I can distinguish private life from work, I have avoided that question as much as possible but now I feel completely comfortable with the release. And I do not have to be afraid of something that will ruin my career because I am totally active”. Ellen once said in openly sex. Now she has regained her career and have a beautiful love story with Portia de Rossi_the famous actress. They are inspiration for many on the world and their value are indispensable. Therefore, they should be lived completely by recognition of the law.

Many people argue that same sex marriage should not be legalized. There are many countries with low population density, so too many gay couples will cause population explosion, that is a big problem for a country. Not only that, the public fear that the children living with gay people will be affected personality and when grown up they will be gay like the person who nurtured them. According to a study by the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, the United States has proven that babies are largely influenced by their parents’ affections and relations, not by their gender. The researchers compared the development of children in 104 families, including 50 families for heterosexual parents, 29 gays families and 25 lesbians families. The results show that in homosexual families, the care of children is equally shared between the two, while in traditional families the task is often assigned to the mother. Ignoring gender issues, researchers also discovered that the development and stability of children depend primarily on parental happiness and how they are cared for.

On the other hand a few months ago, the Supreme Court in the United States heard two cases involving same-sex marriage. Please quote some arguments at the hearing. “Marriage is about maintaining a race,” the lawyer said. “Then should we make heterosexual couples go for prenatal trials? Who is infertile to ban marriage! Or do we see the age of two people, if both are over 55, then we forbid marriage? Because in a marriage that is over 55, not many children can be born from that marriage”. “A child needs both parents to grow well,” the lawyer said. “Why does not marriage allow parents to have enough fathers? Whether marriage is forbidden or not, gay people still have children. They can have artificial insemination. They can adopt children. They can have children in a heterosexual marriage and then divorced when they found out that they are gay. Also, if each child needs to have enough parents, why not divorce? Or is it forbidden single mothers to give birth? “

Another study in Canada found that children who grew up with gay parents were happy, healthy and successful, much like children from heterosexual families. Concern about affecting the child seems unreasonable.

In conclusion, same sex marriage should be legalized. Homosexual discrimination only causes homosexuals to suffer, and their families are also suffering without any benefit to society. Accepting homosexuality is to accept the loving relationship of two human beings, a human value that only human beings have. I hope to see a law that accept same sex marriage like a part of our life.


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