Should Social Media Come with Censorship

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In today’s modern world filled with endless amounts of technology helping us in everything we do it is very hard to even imagine what it was like not having a small black brick in our pocket controlling our entire life. We rely on our phones to contact others, tell us wear to go, shop for basic necessities, for entertainment, and so much more but the problem with our constant use and dependence on phones is that we can be completely unknown to something going on in the world just by large companies or even the government censoring what is allowed for us to see.

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Censorship is something that is extremely important because when someone or corporation or anything has a monopoly over what can be shown to the public they can make anything appear to be either true or false or if they really wanted they can hide something completely and not even make the public aware to it. For all we know we may be living in a bubble controlled by the extremely rich 1% of society. While this may not actually be true the idea of everyone being clueless to the real world has lead to groups like the flat earth society and people with tin foil on their heads. In an article titled Intellectual freedom for young adolescents from the authors Bucher, Katherine T., and M. Lee Manning say “censorship is rooted in the universal desire to shape society and a personal point of view”. The way these experts worded this seems especially true now that we have seen that the big companies won over net neutrality and will soon be able to control what is allowed to be viewed on the internet by the public.

This idea of censorship being the result of someone’s personal wants really resonates today in certain countries like North Korea, China, and now maybe even here in the United States. Because of this insane amount of censorship the people in North Korea are completely clueless as to what the real world is like outside of their borders. Whenever a population has any little thought that maybe what they are being shown in everyday life isn’t true it can turn out terribly not only for them but for the people controlling them. It would end poorly for the people because that would shatter their whole idea of what they thought was real and an everyday norm just by the thought that the grass may be greener on the other side, but from the other point of view of the government or the people controlling the censorship it will lead to the population having absolutely not trust in their superiors and may even lead to a revolution in the area.

Living in a world of extreme censorship is terrible and anyone should be able to see all information about the real world. In an article explaining what censorship has done today in schools with racism, hate, and bad words Ken Petress says “educators should use the offensive context in the book as an opportunity to discuss the persuasive nature of racism” which in this case can really be expanded from racism to just the overall hiding of knowledge from people. What Petress says in the article is that when children are exposed to a high level of censorship in school at a very young age they grow up clueless as to what actually happens in life. We shouldn’t change the system not necessarily stop censoring everything because some images may be harmful to a child but if we just take what is so taboo that we feel uncomfortable sharing with others and turn that in to a method of discussing potential solutions we as a society would work together a whole better.

A potential solution to the unnecessary censorship of all things in everyday life is almost impossible because just based on the same thinking used to write this paper there will always be doubt as to if the person or people that do or control censoring have too much power. The best option for the United States would be to take what we have learned in our main three branches of government regarding checks and balances and allow for a direct democracy to decide what little things should be censored. By doing this method of direct democracy it will make sure that someone’s own views will not necessarily be reflected but instead have what the entire population thinks is a good idea happen.

By removing unnecessary censorship we could allow our country to flourish and become not what a small group of people want to see in a country but we would see what the majority would want to see happen.    

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