Should State Colleges Be Free to Attend

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Many people including myself have often wondered, why higher education should be free in the United States of America. Here are a few questions that you might want to ask. How will free higher education benefit the youth of America? What are the downsides to making education free of charge to all high school graduates across America? How will free higher education such as university and college affect the citizens of the United States? There have been a lot of debating on whether varsities and colleges should be free or not in the U.S. I am here to list the most common pros and cons concerning the topic on free education in the land of the free, also known as the United States of America. So should state colleges be free to attend ?

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I strongly believe having higher education made free, will have a huge impact on the economy as well as many citizens across the country. I as well applied to multiple universities and colleges in my last year of high school. Although I got accepted in to three of them, I still was not able to attend and obtain a higher qualification or degree, due to financial struggles. Our nation’s youth need the best educational institutions America has to offer. I firmly believe that with the right degrees and qualifications, our current and next generations to come will be the minds that could change life as we know it. We as a nation should be honored to be able to whiteness how day to day life changes all around us. All the greatest minds in history all had master’s degrees or PHD’s at universities across America for example, Benjamin Franklin studied at Boston Latin school. 90% of all historical American figures had gone to university or college. They shaped and molded civilization into what we see all around us today.

Research has shown that only thirty-two percent of applicants get accepted to the university of New York and only a 6.3 percent acceptance rate to Yale university. Having access to free higher education in America will significantly decrease student debt. Fewer students will have to apply for student loans. Free education provided to the well academic high school students will enable them to accomplish their ultimate goal in life. It will also decrease the crime rate due to the fact that more people will be able to obtain a qualification rather than turn to crime for money. Obtaining a master’s degree will also result in a better and more sufficient work place.

However, as much as I do believe that education should be free in the U.S, I also believe it may cause negative impact on the economy. If higher education were to be made free, the tax rate would have to increase to be able to pay for all the educational institutions across America. We the tax payers will have to pay more on our daily necessities in order to have what we need on a daily basis, for example, gas, food and so on. It will also cause the universities and colleges to be even more overcrowded than it already is.

In conclusion, there are many pros and cons regarding the topic. Many parents are concerned about their children’s professional futures, as well you should be. However, this particular subject is one of the biggest debates under American students. Not everyone can afford a further education, but college and university does not always determine your future. It does very well increase your chances of making a success of yourself but it is not the end of the world. If you do not get accepted into your dream college/university, do not feel discouraged just keep on applying to the rest of them. If you are a high school student thinking about going to college and you know you cannot afford it, I encourage you to find a part time job and save as much money as possible. That way you can help your guardian put you through college/university.

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