The Public Opinion on Changing the Date of Australia Day

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I strongly believe that the date the 26th of January Australia Day should be changed. My view on this was formed at an early age in primary school, we had not discussed this issue in class, although we studied the colonization of Australia and the indigenous culture in depth all through primary school and high school. My view on this issue was also formed from my family, my family has never celebrated Australia Day, they refer to January 26th as ‘invasion day’. Today my position on this topic is has only been reinforced.

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There are a few things that have influenced my final decision on this issue, firstly I believe that Australia day disrespects the oldest living culture on Earth, Until 1967 Indigenous Australians were not even considered citizens, then were counted as flora and fauna. Secondly, changing the date would spare indigenous Australian and islanders the painful reminder of their loss of country, family and culture. Finally, Australia Day is irrelevant as the white Australia policy was abolished on march 24th,1966 Australia has now become a multicultural country, our population now comes from 200 countries globally.

The paramount reason that people in our society do not want the date of Australia Day changes is due to the fact that people want to salute their nation, from reading many online articles and newspaper articles now that I know the reasons why some people are opposed to Changing the date of Australia Day, this argument has changed my view, Many Australians want the date to stay the same so that they can salute their nation as for these Australia Day is a historical day, over 26 per cent of our 24 million Australians were born overseas and many were granted their citizenship on January 26. They treasure it and use the anniversary to mark it, as do their children. The defence of January 26th claims that this date was the creation of our continent and modern nation and that the date of January 26th is honored.

Australia Day is a day for unity, an occasion celebrations for families and neighbors. It is a day of celebration, a lot of people have their traditions like a big family get together of a BBQ and celebrating the country they live in. the sustained British influence on our country Australia, eventually produced the liberal democracy and the private enterprise priority and also our independent judicial system we now hold dear.

My current position on the social actions continuum is that of ‘not actively doing anything’ I have not yet done anything to help change the issue of changing Australia days date, I am not on my preferred position on the continuum, I would like to be more active in changing the date of Australia day as I’m passionate about this issue and will change my position on the continuum by signing an online petition for changing Australia Day’s date. Being on the left of the continuum is a comfortable spot for me as I would not feel comfortable in breaking the law.

For me to partake in an illegal social action that would result of myself going to jail, I would have to join an activist group for changing the date of Australia Day, if I was partaking an illegal public demonstration I would have to be surrounded by a large group of people for support. If I was an indigenous Australian and had family member or even friends who were indigenous I would be more inclined to show civil disobedience.

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