Should the Death Penalty Be Abolished Nowadays

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Every human being is born to the world without any knowledge or life experience. New lives are described as a blank sheet of canvas waiting for the painter, which is life itself, to color it. Furthermore, different people experience life differently. Some people turn bad events into life lessons while others might turn them into hatred and bloodthirst, like some murderers. They felt as if the world and society had shunned them and thus decided to turn to murder to take revenge. On the other hand, some find it thrilling when playing God, or felt fascinated and thrilled by the act of murder itself. Some claim to be experimenting on humans for the human race to thrive by doing chemical compound testing, dissecting their subjects alive, or inflicting pain on kidnapped humans to test the limit of the human body. After being caught, they are usually sentenced to death. To conserve justice, the death sentence should be implacable in the world. Death penalty should be abolished?

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One of the most compelling reasons that the death sentence should be implemented is its ability to prevent the murderers from further harming more innocent lives. In addition, giving murderers the death warrant will put an end to the further killing of innocent people for whatever reasons the murderer had decided. Besides, murderers often let individuals suffer from extreme pain before death, so to let murderers themselves experience the feeling of pain, helplessness, and suffering, the death sentence should be carried out. Schubert (2016) highlighted that families of the victims will always be distressed by the specter that a criminal sentenced to life without parole will inevitably request the governor to shorten the sentence. According to Lani (2019), Marcus McJimpson, who had been guilty of murdering Mr. Clark and Mr. Walker, was granted clemency by Governor Newsom after being in jail for 31 years. “As long as an inmate sentenced to life without parole lives, the governor could reduce the sentence and a murderer may be released on the streets” (Schubert, 2016). Considering that after murdering someone, there is still a chance for the murderer to be free from lengthy punishment, it is unfair for the victims’ families as they are constantly being tortured by the grief of losing a beloved family member. So, to be fair, the death sentence should be implemented.

In addition, countries possessing a functional death penalty law of executing an individual who is found guilty of murder can successfully hinder other people from committing the same murder crime again and thus maintaining the countries’ order. Besides, the death sentence can also be an impactful warning to the crowd as most people are afraid of death. “The most astute criminals, as robbers and bank breakers, have often said that they prefer to operate where there is no possibility of suffering the death penalty” (“Should the death penalty be abolished?”, 1910). Even the shrewd, fearless criminals are afraid of the death penalty, what is more for ordinary people? Normal people even do not dare to commit a crime and they will be terrified listening to the word “death”. Therefore, in this case, the death sentence plays a crucial role in stopping people from murdering again.

The death sentence should be implemented to maintain justice in this chaotic society. Innocent lives are taken each year due to the illegal behaviors of lunatic murderers. For most people, life is sacred and innocent lives should be valued over the lives of killers. Murderers don’t have the right to take the lives of the victims, they don’t only end their lives but also make their life regretful. They didn’t have the chance to live their life to the fullest or even say goodbye to their loved ones. But a murderer prisoned in jail still can live the life they chose, for instance, they could still make friends, learn from their mistakes, etc. But once innocent lives are taken, there’s no way back. To maintain justice in this society, the death sentence should be implemented, and the murderers’ life should be taken in return to restore society’s balance of justice. By doing so, people will know felonies cannot be tolerated in this society and they will get what they deserved.

Furthermore, a death sentence might provide spiritual comfort and satisfaction for the victim’s family. Normally, the victim’s family couldn’t accept the truth of their loved one’s death. They will feel that the murderer should get a taste of his own medicine and not just be locked up, by just locking up the murderer which took their loved one’s life is truly not enough. Studies show that co-victims, “may prefer the finality of a life sentence and the obscurity into which the defendant will quickly fall, to the continued uncertainty and publicity of the death penalty (“Death Penalty Adversely Affects”, 2016).” In this situation, by executing the murderer, the victim’s family will get spiritual comfort and satisfaction from it. The satisfaction from it comes from the death of the murderer because by seeing the murderer suffer for what he/she did, the family gets satisfied. After all, the murderer got retribution.

However, even with the assistance of advanced technology, wrongful conviction still occurs frequently all over the world. Numerous innocent people are forced to wait for their executions for something they did not do. People are being sentenced to death for something they did not do while suffering on behalf of the culprit as he continues harming society. The death penalty is simply too final, taking into account the imperfections of even the most sophisticated legal systems. Society is still in danger even with somebody sentenced and behind bars. If we kill one innocent man, it’s one too many. Technically speaking, the system not only failed the innocent being wrongfully sentenced but also the society, who place their faith in the system that claims to bring justice and peace to the people. After closing a case and the death penalty placed, nobody will be willing to listen to the innocent who just had their life ripped away mercifully while the crowd celebrates after the sentence was placed. “… protecting the innocent could hardly be equated with being soft on crime” 

As far as we all know, the death sentence has always been a “useful” solution for the government to punish criminals. However, as the citizens become more educated and start to acknowledge their rights, people are standing up to go against this law. What they usually stand up for are either human rights or their innocence, but most people are unaware of the cost that is allocated for the death sentence to be implemented. “

In conclusion, as long as the death penalty exists, there is a need to stand by it. Having a death sentence avoids innocent lives from danger caused by the horrendous perpetrators. Besides that, families of the victims will always be in distress by the specter that a criminal sentenced to life without parole will inexorably request the authority to shorten the sentence. Furthermore, there is still a chance for the murderer to be free from extensive punishment, it is unfair for the victims’ families as their loved ones could not bring back to life again, but the culprit can escape from the punishment and execution. Every life is precious and should be valued over the lives of killers. The death penalty should not be abolished. Once innocent lives are taken, there’s no way back. Enforcement of the death sentence should be taken seriously to preserve justice in nowadays society and the murderers’ life should be taken in return to restore society’s balance of justice. 

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