Should Vaccines Be Mandatory Or not


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A clear comprehension of vaccines is necessitated to be able to evaluate if it ought to be compulsory or not. According to nursing articles put forward by several clinicians, vaccines -also hypodermic- involves the administration of lymphocytes to a person or group of people to turn aside a prospective illness. It is typically administered through injections or orally. All and sundry is a beneficiary of immunization, including newborns and women. Failure to receive a vaccination of a possible illness could result in high-risk illness or even the death of the victim. It is because vaccination- being a medical process- is entitled to turn aside the potential contraction of an earmarked illness.

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This forecast will sermonize the theme of whether vaccines should be compulsory or not, as well as provide detailed information on the context at hand. Additionally, two solutions will be proposed and evaluated, and an eventual solution will be implied.

Background information

It is worthwhile to comprehend that there are various vaccinations established for different diseases. For instance, there is a vaccination against cervical cancer, smallpox, measles, chickenpox, shingles, etc. Cervical cancer infects females; smallpox, measles, and chickenpox mostly affect children, and shingles can affect anyone regardless of gender but to age, i.e., attacks people who are over sixty years of age (Bouza, Bermúdez, Fargas, & Muñoz, 2019). Since our core theme of the topic is based on general vaccines, it is knowledgeable to discuss a particular vaccine to avoid confusion as well as irrelevancy. Let our vaccine be against cervical cancer. There is a primary connection between cervical cancer and sexually circulated infections. A good example of such an infection is HPV. Scientifically, HPV stands for human papillomavirus. The vaccine administered against the cervical tumor is well-known as the human papillomavirus vaccine.

About the HPV vaccine and how it impacts

It is distributed through engagements in uncontrolled sexual activities by humans. A particular American firm mandated with Food as well as Drug Administration role, has licensed a certain HPV vaccine- Gardasil 9 – to be utilized by both genders as a preventive measure of cervical cancer. (Sublett, 2018). The HPV vaccine is essential in that it minimizes prospective contractions of this cancer. How? A female is administered with Gardasil 9 before being a victim of human papillomavirus. (Bouza, Bermúdez, Fargas, & Muñoz, 2019) Particularly, the vaccine turns aside cancerous infections of the vagina as well as vulva in females and genital warts as well as anal cancer, which affects both genders at large.

Theoretically, immunization of males against HPV-related strains will significantly aid in protecting females from human papillomavirus as the transmission rate of the virus will reduce substantially. Notably, human papillomavirus is not only sexually transmitted but also orally distributed. The HPV vaccine can be immunized to children who are nine years to twelve years of age. From research findings, it has been pointed out that -even though the immunization of HPV vaccine is done at an early age- it does not necessarily mean that a person may not be infected with the virus whenever he/she indulges in early conjugal activities (Sublett, 2018). Disease Control, as well as Prevention Unit, advocates that the authorized group should be presented with two measures of Gardasil 9 vaccine at an interval of a minimum of 6 months. However, people within fifteen to twenty-six years of age ought to be administered with three measures of Gardasil 9 vaccine. Besides, the American organization of late confirmed that individuals- from nine to forty-five years of age- can now utilize the HPV vaccine.

Nevertheless, the vaccine is not approved for females who are pregnant, as well as citizenry with any form of sickness or allergy, since a severe reaction can take place between the elements contained in the vaccine and those emanating from the allergy (Chung, 2014). In such circumstances, inform your physician or doctor about your specific allergies, and the doctor will acknowledge what best fits your necessity.

Gardasil 9 is advantageous in that even though you might be a victim of the papillomavirus specifically infected with one of its strains, you are certain that the other strains will not attack you (Jose, Biswas, & Kumar, 2015). Nonetheless, it is disadvantageous in that it can only protect you from strains of human papillomavirus, but cannot- and will never- cure already contracted HPV strains.

Side Effects

From a general point of view, the impacts brought with the administration of Gardasil 9 are commonly lenient and are as follows; soreness, headache, dizziness, and sometimes fainting, dwelling where the vaccine had been injected, fatigue, vomiting, and nausea

It is advisable that after an injection, you remain seated- for approximately a quarter an hour- to minimize the high chances of experiencing the side impacts mentioned above.

Potential solution

Abstinence from sex or using protective measures such as condoms during intercourse is likely to aid in turning aside infections correlated with HPV. Additionally, you ought not to smoke because smoking substances such as cigarettes, bhang, etc., can upheave chances of contracting cervical cancer. Moreover, you can as well visit the nearest Medicare facility whenever you notice relevant signs or symptoms of cervical cancer.

Realistic Solution

In this theory, we are expected to provide two solutions extracted from the context information offered above. It is all-important to first highlight the two realistic solutions before discussing them in detail. They entail;

Solution one: Offering relevant education concerning sexual matters in terms of health.

Solution Two: Conducting a screening event for every female who is over thirty years of age to examine the presence of cervical cancer.

Concerning solution one, detailed knowledge on all right sexuality should be offered to both girls as well as boys, through conducting seminars, writing comprehensive and straightforward articles related to precautions of vigorous sexual indulgence, creating public awareness through media, and offering guidance as well as counseling sessions even in institutions of learning. However, this process might be quite expensive and requires maximum commitment as well. In addition to that, you may encounter objections from academically dwarfed people. Nonetheless, this should not be considered as the major hindrance of the operation because the associates involved have been authorized by the respective authority to do so. Again, it would be effective to be friendly with the named audience to acknowledge their views and experiences. It will be effective in assessing the information gained for subsequent use.

Solution two entails screening of females who are above thirty years of age and a maximum of forty-nine years. Screening activity should be carried out -suggestively- at Medicare facilities to enhance privacy and moral reviews from citizens at large. Authorized females ought to visit nearby healthcare centers during their leisure times to minimize boredom and congestion in Medicare environments (Morden, 2017). However, potential shortcomings are likely to emanate from their spouses, but you should also inform them about the intended function so that they are aware and this would avoid social disputes and conflicts. You anticipate encountering complaints from both unlearned as well as an intellectual society for focusing on such engagements. In line with this, you are necessitated to utilize the appropriate channels to explain this initiative. After a successful operation, it is good to analyze the findings and provide treatment to victims found with cervical cancer. A small gift like a packet of pads would be effective in ensuring a successful event.

Having put forward the above arguments, let us progress with the intended purpose of the project.

The solution that solves the problem

The very better, as well as the most efficient solution of the two solutions described above, is the one involving the provision of education for both genders. The chief rationale for this selection is as follows;

The know-how of cervical cancer is significantly certain to move the globe a step forward in eradicating transmission rates of HPV infections.

A well-informed citizenry responds to issues arising from Medicare results with a positive and comprehensive mindset.

Logically, when young people become aware of the actual consequences- that are likely to be encountered after uncontrolled sexual participation- their moral reasoning is heightened up thus, promoting high levels of discipline as well as individual behavior.

From a research perspective, it is well-elaborated that information is power. According to our context, teenagers or youths get to understand and chose the right processes in addressing their suffering from HPV infections.

These four rationales portray the major reason for choosing solution one over solution two.

It is true to admit that it also experiences a challenge (Morrell, Bennett, Gottschalk, & Hayward, 2018). Not everybody can acquire education about disability factors, funds a well as will. It turns out to make this solution less effective as not everyone will clearly understand your intended objectives. In line with solution two, it has merit in that it helps in gathering quantitative data in terms of theoretical information and facts. The quantitative data can be used to present HPV strains to show their mode of occurrences in a country or a state for future reference. However, research findings open up that this solution is less efficient because the information it offers is unclear, and it is unable to create public awareness efficiently.

Implementation and Conclusion

From the outlined discussions in the background data of this project, it is all-important to consider immunization of vaccines against various illnesses affecting our society at large. With many respects to vaccination against cervical cancer- we have identified that provision of appropriate as well as current education on matters concerning health sexuality- is a very worthwhile initiative to establish. It will control the spread of human papillomavirus strains and ensure a healthy lifestyle for both our youths as well as our parents. It will necessitate a reasonable sum of monetary funds to put up relevant infrastructures and resources. A submissive labor force will also be required (Morden, 2017).To sum up the project, it is crystal clear that vaccines ought to be compulsory in our community and state at large. It is because of the numerous benefits it comes with it. 

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