Why Tiktok Should Be Banned: Positive and Negative Sides of the App

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In a free time usually people will do some productive activity and useful things like doing some sports, reading, and spend their time with family by go on vacation to some places. However, along with technology development, people usually spend their free time by doing some useful things and tend to waste their time. This thing also supported by the appearing of an application that people delight in it, from child to teenager, it called TikTok. This argumentative essay about TikTok explains how the application enables us to make a short video that has a music back sound in it. Like an application commonly where have positive side and negative side, but in this application, the negative side is more dominant because in this application there are many contents that cannot be consume by children under age. Meanwhile, this application is mostly used by children. Obviously, that thing become an irony, where an application that not made for children under age, in reality most of the users are children. There are some reasons in this why this application should be banned essay, although there is still a positive thing that we can get from this application. Wasting time and so many contents that not suitable for children become some reasons why this application properly should be banned, although develop people’s confident is a positive thing that we can get from this application.

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Doing hobbies when has a free time are good, but it is more suitable if we doing some useful things. However, doing hobbies that just wasting time has become a common thing in our society in this era, as an example playing this application that called TikTok. Sadly, children that usually spend their time playing with their own age friends, socializing, or develops their creative idea by creating something, in fact they spend their childhood by playing TikTok application that become trending application lately. That thing not only occurs for children who play TikTok application only, but also for adults and teenagers who play that application. Adults and teenagers are the age where they can become a productive people, but because they are preoccupied by playing TikTok application until they forget about more important thing than playing TikTok application. The country’s future can also in threat condition if the youngers of the country just wasting their time playing TikTok application. Besides wasting time, there is other reason why this TikTok application properly should be banned.

So many negative contents in this TikTok application becomes one of some reasons why TikTok application properly should be banned, considering there are so many TikTok application users are children under age that should not consume those negative contents that contains in this TikTok application. That thing also strengthened by words from Communication and Information Minister, Rudiantara, he said “So many negative contents, especially for children.” Those negative contents that exist in this TikTok application could give some negative impacts for children that in this case they are the users of this TikTok application. Ranging from saying bad words and their bad behavior caused by so many negative contents that exist in this TikTok application. That thing become a sad condition when those children saying words and behave that not suitable with their age. Even, when they make the video in TikTok application that obviously accompanied by background music or doing some lip-sync words, they still do not know what they said are suitable for their own age to said or not. Moreover, the songs that exist in this TikTok application mostly are not suitable for children under age, because most of the songs that exist in this TikTok application are songs about love where that is still too early for children who is the users of TikTok application. Some of those things could affect the children’s psychology, as the words that said by child and teenager psychologist, Ratih Zulhaqqi, she said “Based on psychology, there are various effects; even it is not same in some child.” However, there is always a positive side of something that can helpful; even if there are more negative side than the positive side.

Can develop someone’s confident is one of the positive side that we can get from this TikTok application. As has been described above that this TikTok application is an application where the users can make a short video that has a music back sound in it, so the users can develop their confident by uploading the short video that has been made to all TikTok application users on the timeline that exist in the TikTok application. Confident is one important thing that needed for every single person, and they can develop their confident by doing something, as an example making a short video using TikTok application and upload it on their timeline. Moreover, if they develop their confident from young age where they still grow and develop, so they can become a person that cannot easily being unconfident. This TikTok application that become a trending application in Indonesia have so many pro and contra in it, range from the negative side which is more dominant than the positive side that make this application properly should be banned until the positive side that we can get from this application. This application can affect not only children but also the teenagers and adult psychology.

So, for saves the children’s childhood, this application should be banned, so the children can pass their childhood as the childhood should be passed and the teenagers could do something useful that can made their own country develop to better future.

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