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The Liability of the Government for the Students Dropping Out of College

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College students drop out of college for a variety of reasons. Dropout rates for college students have increased over the years and students cannot be blamed for increasing in dropout rates. Government and its associates should be primarily blamed for students dropping out of college.

Stress causes college students to drop out of college, for them not knowing how to handle stress. This is a qualitative study that builds upon a significant body of literature showing a quantitative link between self-efficacy, stress and academic performance, students with higher self-efficacy and lower stress levels tend to achieve higher marks (Devonport and Lane 2006; Lane, Lane, and Kyprianou, 2004). Students who are confident and who believe they are capable of achieving academic success are the ones who find less stress. Students who don’t have confidence and stay worried all the time are the ones who end up dropping out.

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Depression and self-reported is also a big issue for dropped out students, especially teenagers who have stepped into college. Depression is the reason why most of the college students dropped out. Studies have shown that depression symptoms are negatively associated with self-reported academic competence and achievement and that these factors can undermine school success (Birmaher 2004). The main reason for excessive depression are that 493 students were followed, 228 were girls and 265 boys as a result 40 percent of students dropped out due to depression and self-reported. Depression interfered with student’s education that causes mental health issue that lead to academic difficulties thorough self-regulation process. Students doubt their ability to do well in school and feel anxious and guilty about school performances and blame themselves for failing in school, which led to helplessness. Students desiring to transfer into top universities failed after getting low grades in classes and went into depression failure to achieve their dreams. Bad academic performances result in emotional and behavioral withdrawal from school and eventually students drop out.

Student harassing is associated with students dropping out because of being bullied. Harassment can also have broader effect on school reputations and outcome of this will lead to students being afraid to go to school. Students bullying can also lead to bad school environment and students start to avoid going to school, skipping class and drop out during graduation year (Huang, 2013). Students can learn better in safer environment which can be provided by education administrators.

Not being able to afford for college is also the main cause for students dropping out. In a student survey, 58 percent said they did not receive any financial help from their parents or relatives to pay tuition or fees and 69 percent had no scholarships or financial aid (Jenna, 2009). Financial Aid is also hard to receive because many students get rejected due to their yearly taxes and not being eligible for it. Only students with good grade point averages get scholarships while other students pay their whole college fee by working, which eventually interferes with their education. Mostly 70 percent of students who dropped out have said that their decision for leaving college was for them not being able to afford their tuition fees and had no support for themselves or their family (Jenna, 2009). Students began to give more attention to their work rather than education due to vast amounts of college tuition.

Government should give financial aid to each student. Government will receive loss if financial aid is not given to any student. Comparing those who drop out of high school with those who complete high school, the average high school dropout costs the economy approximately $240,000 over his or her lifetime in terms of lower tax contributions, higher reliance on Medicaid and Medicare, higher rates of criminal activity, and higher reliance on welfare (Levin and Belfield 2007).Government will actually benefit if students receive financial, so student can continue their education and succeed academically, moreover government will not have to deal with criminal activities, medical bills and lower tax contribution.

Government is liable for the student’s failure in academics as well. Government are unable to provide a better education system where student don’t have to deal with their stress. Government can’t provide enough financial aid for every student and students don’t believe in themselves and are not capable for paying the cost. Teacher’s responsibility is to motivate every student in making the government realize that they need to inspect its associates. The future of the student’s further academic success is highly depending on the basis of how the government can make it easy for the students to afford college itself and receive a proper education. Proper education will minimize student depression, poor academic performances, student bullying and everything else that sums up and affect college students in a negative way. 


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