The Effectiveness of Giving Up Cash Money to Save Trees

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”Trees give us life directly and indirectly as they are source of oxygen production, CO2 consumption and source of rain. We should understand importance of tree in our lives and do our best to save trees to save life, save environment on the earth make earth a green earth. Trees are very important source of cleaning and refreshing air(as they produce oxygen and produce green house gases) by filtering and intercepting the air bone particles, chemicals, toxic gases, reducing heat, absorbing CO2 and other pollutants like sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide. Trees acts as natural dustbin to harmful gases in the environment. Being green is biggest trend now a days. Every company is following to be in this race of being in new trend.

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Every company trend to make and produce their good and other final product using the raw material and keeping the health of the surrounding environment in mind. Some also puts the logo of “ECO-FRIENDLY” stickers on their product to show that they are turning themselves in to eco-friendly companies. But in the end, this all is a prat of being ahead of competitors and be on the edge of becoming more successful so that they can earn more and more profits out of it. But paper cash is still being used by various big firms because of the following reason:Fees & Taxes: Every transaction from a machine where the customers swipe their credit/debit card, depending on the bank they are charged a fee of 2-5%. So, to save that extra fees they prefer to take cash. But now a days due to increase in fintech companies there is more transparency. And, the charges are very less compared to banks. Due to this now people are using more of digital applications and website. In INDIA most popular application for digital payments id PAYTM. And also, this companies provides attractive offers on making payments from their application due to which more people get attract towards them.

Advantages For Going Cashless:

The ease of conducting financial transaction is probably the biggest motivator to go digital. You will no longer will have to carry wards of cash, plastic cards or even queue up at ATM for withdrawals. Its also a safer and easier spending when you are traveling. It will be more useful in the case of emergency.

Drawbacks Of Digital Transaction:

Biggest fear is the risk of identity theft. Since we are culturally not attuned to digital transaction, even well-educated people run the risk of falling in to phishing traps.

Also, Difficulties That A Country Face To Go Cashless:

A country like INDIA, which is in developing stage may have problems to go cashless as their will be people who won’t have their bank account as well.

PERSONAL OPINION: I think that to go cashless is not a good idea for a developing or underdeveloped country. But slowly it can be applied. And cash is not affecting that much to trees. But if we take it seriously than I can be slowdown towards making or books, cardboards etc. We can reuse old furniture to make new so that too can help in saving trees. We should grow plants as many as we can that can help for making GO GREEN country. This is a digital world we should stop printing newspapers, as everything is available on our fingertip through internet.


Before going cashless for a reason to save trees than first stop using things that are made of trees which is useless and taking lot of wood.

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