Shrek: It’s Wrong to Judge a Person

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I am reviewing the movie Shrek. Shrek is a movie that was released in 2001 and was directed by Andrew Adamson and Vicky Jenson. People misinterpret Shrek as being a bad person, which makes him not a people person. I picked out this movie because of how adventurous the movie is, and because it has some kind of moral lesson. I learned that it’s wrong to judge a person based on their appearance, just how Shrek was judged based on his appearance. Before I watched this movie, I would overhear my Parents and their friends talk about the movie, which caught my attention. 

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Since I am a fan of animation series, I chose to do a ton of research about this movie and it’s content. The only thing that I knew about Shrek was the adventurous themes reflected on this story. I had to search more about the reviews about Shrek. The different themes expressed in this movie, such as sexual and violent content. A positive review suits the movie because of the adventurous experience I got from watching it. Watching how the character Shrek expresses his loyalty and friendships keeps the comic story alive. The movie teaches us to stop judging others on how they look, instead check on their character traits.

Brabham presents a review of the blackness theme from the Shrek movie. Racial equality is an idea expressed by the author. Brabham thinks the animated donkey is purposively used in the film to portray the blackness in it as opposed to the whiteness. This shows that racial segregation still exist in our societies. The donkey is used to support the narrative of white characters being in love with another. The article aligns with my research concept of teachings grasped from watching the movie. I did not like the theme of prejudice, as expressed by the author, because it doesn’t support my goals of encouraging people to watch Shrek. The point of pointing out the donkey blackness trait does not align with my thoughts of being a comic film.

The content of the review surrounds the social satire that exists in Shrek. The themes of gender and race are exploited, as highlighted by the authors. Downes, Daniel, and Madeley, in their analysis, portray the animals as satirical beings depending on the role played in the film. It is apparent people expected the ogre not to have saved the princess, but on the contrary, the hate being is the one majorly involved in the rescue mission. This is a story of the social undermining of people’s expectations. In the analysis, the authors’ primary focus is the constant switching of the characters in the film to express a comical fairytale.

Since the analysis is more focused on the satirical comments put across by the characters, it goes well with my views as the language used makes Shrek a comic story. The authors, Downes, Daniel, and Madeley, explain switch play as their central analysis of Shrek. Furthermore, they use portrayals of Shrek as evil and then how he is turned to an excellent person to awaken the notion of judgment, which fits in my analysis.  

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