Sicko as the Summary of American History

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At the time of this film about 50 million Americans have no insurance. This is important that Sicko addresses and inform us of those situations, and the most unmistakably heartfelt. You want the truth? Moore can handle the truth. We got a chance to see stories from a lot of different Americans. For example, Rick’s first thought was how will this this cost because he was uninsured after his accident. Sicko is wildly comic while tearing apart the country’s health care system.

The Smiths had to pay off their copays and deductibles making them bankrupt. As well as moving in with there kids after working their entire life to make sure it did not come to this. Frank works to get free medicine. Frank has no choice but to work there till he dies because that is the only was he get his medication for free. Laura’s ride was not preapproved so was fined. I do not understand how you are expected to preapprove it when you in a car accident.

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I was basically shocked to see the state America’s health care was in from his film. Although I too know for a fact that American medical stuff is way expensive. Even in my country, government health care focuses on the poor and the medicine and treatment cost only a dollar. Private practices are a different story altogether. I liked his film and I learned a lot from him about the medical health care situation in America.

Sicko is an interesting film with a lot of very important things to say. The insurance companies do their best to deny Americans of health care but using anything they can found to say no (Pre-existing conditions). If other countries can provide their people with universal health care, why can’t we? If we can’t, who are we?

Some conditions making some ineligible for insurance are if your B.M.I is too high or too low. Mr. Moore’s excellent new film is a wakeup call. A concern of socialized medicine was that it would make America a socialist country. Which is completely false, and the word socialist is being missed used.

Adrian married her Canadian friend Mike for health insurance, as well she travels across the border and lie to get those benefits. Canadians pay for each other’s health problems because he feels they should help each other. As well as people in England pay 10 dollars for their medicine. I believe health care should be for all and show be free or even cost for everyone. We do not ask to be sick but in life things can easily go south, we all deserve a chance to get great care. During ‘sicko” the doctors at Martin Luther King Hospital didn’t treat the girl because she was on Kaiser insurance. In Los Angeles hospitals dump uninsured patients out on a curb.

We as a country only care so much about money and not anyone’s life’s or wellbeing just like Doctors in America don’t make house calls I believe it’s because the hospital would lose money. Some 9/11 rescuers were denied medical treatment because they weren’t on the payroll. These were the man and women who put their lives on the line to say others when needed. What have this nation come to? The film is an alternately depressing and uplifting experience, a documentary whose ironies – taking sick Americans to Cuba for cheaper, better health care!

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