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SIEV X: The Truth Standing Behind The Tragedy

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More than a decade has passed since 353 men, women and children drowned aboard the doomed refugee boat SIEV X in the year of 2001. This traumatic incident continues to haunt us to this day, our questions still unanswered, the truth still unknown. Many may think that the sinking of SIEV X is merely a heartbreaking maritime accident.

However, I can assure you this is all a cleverly fabricated lie.

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SIEV X stands for ‘suspected illegal entry vessel X’ and was a small overcrowded boat arranged by people smugglers to sail from Indonesia to Christmas Island. With 400 passengers aboard, the boat began its doomed voyage. SIEV X set off on the 18th of October 2001. Before its departure, passengers were being forced by gunpoint by Indonesian security to remain onboard the vessel. Despite their fears about the condition of the boat, the passengers decided to begin the voyage to Christmas Island, unaware of the horrors ahead.

The next day, on the 19th of October, the boat begins to sink in international waters. Around 353 people drown, a few surviving. The remaining survivors spent about 20 hours in the water, before being saved by an Indonesian fishing boat.

The media begins to cover this catastrophe on the 23rd of October, 2 days after the survivors were taken to safety. The first Australian broadcast of this event was heard the following day. Prime Minister John Howard had said that ‘the disaster has nothing to do with Australia because the boat sank in Indonesian waters.’

And this is where things begin to seem strange.

Clearly, as stated before, the boat had sunk in international waters, so why was Howard trying to cover it up? It’s obvious that he and the rest of the Australian government were hiding something. The SIEV X tragedy had occurred during the Australian election. During the election, the Howard Government had made strong border protection laws, this being the central focus of the campaign. The failure of the policy could have led to consequences, as the public would not be convinced by the Howard Government. When SIEV X sank during election, Howard had tried to distance his Government from the tragedy, and not giving the public more than this one sentence repeatedly, when asked about the sinking: “I’m telling you, I don’t have anything to add about what I’ve said…”

What does this mean? Well, it seems that Howard has covered up the truth behind the SIEV X tragedy, so that he could gain more votes and public appeal. The sinking of the boat saved Australia’s poor border protection regime. The effect was shocking. As soon as the sinking of SIEV X was known around the globe, the asylum seeker voyages came to a stop. No more boats had tried to enter Australia. This all seems like a sadistic plan to stop the asylum seekers on SIEV X from entering Australia, so that other immigrants in the future would not enter out of fear. The death of almost 400 lives was a ‘strong signal’ sent out to other asylum seekers to stop them from setting out and heading to Australia.

Things get far more disturbing. It was revealed that Australian authorities knew about the time and place of SIEV X’s departure. According to Greenlee’s report on the 24th of October: “Australian authorities had been monitoring the departure of the boat people from Indonesia. Unaware of the tragedy at sea on Saturday, search and rescue officials in Australia issued an overdue notice on Monday morning.”

Adding on to this, Australian Federal Police agent Kylie Pratt had called Coastwatch at 9:30am, on October 20th to alert it of intelligence pointing to SIEV X’S departure from Indonesia. She was unaware that the boat had sunk the previous day and that the survivors were in the water waiting to be rescued. Pratt had suspected that the small boat with 400 passengers on board was subject to a great risk and would sink. However, Coastwatch’s response was timid. They neglected Pratt’s warning that the boat was at risk.

At the time, air force P3 Orions, were making daily surveillance flights over the area. At the time the SIEV X had sunk, a P3 was in the air over the ocean but the crew was unaware of the SIEV X… At least that’s what people say.

There is a high chance that the P3 did know about the sinking boat but chose to ignore it. Why? Well, the answer is simple. They could have been bribed by the government to let the boat sink, in order for the government’s malicious plan to work. Perhaps even the Coastwatch guards knew…yet chose to keep silent.

Australian spies may have sabotaged SIEV X before it sailed. A survivor has said that: “almost from the start of the voyage, passengers were forced to bail water flowing in through a large crack in the hull.” SIEV X was tampered with before it sailed.

For me, researching this case is a lot like peeling an onion; tediously peeling into the case, only to find more disturbing information and conspiracies, consisting of many layers. Questions remain unanswered: Why wasn’t an order issued to the Navy if they were informed about the departure of the boat? What information was conveyed to Australian search and rescue officials about the departure? Why were there so many denials made by the government when asked if Australia was involved? Why was there such poor communication between Australian authorities? Why did 353 innocent people lose their lives on that cursed boat?

These questions for now, remain unanswered. However, we can all conclude that something about this tragedy is suspicious. Many say this was merely an accident, however from the evidence and conspiracies I have found, there is a more chance of SIEV X being an accident than there is when pigs learn to fly.

Now it is time to remember the tragedy for what it really was: an evil plan made by ugly politicians, in order to save themselves from the public. Australia was responsible, yet we continue to blame anyone to save our hideous pride. It is time for us to open our blinded eyes, and accept the horrifying and disturbing truth.


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