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There are many interesting sights in Feodosia, which are worth telling about, but today I will introduce you to the Museum of Alexander Grin. I have long been going to visit the homeland of the writer, whose works I read from early childhood. Probably, thanks to him, I loved the vast expanses of the sea and exciting travel. But everything in order. The building, which today houses the Museum is not quite difficult to notice. It will immediately attract the attention of this amazing mysterious sailboat. It seems that he sailed, and waiting for you to come on his deck and go to distant countries in search of captain Gray.

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Alexander Grin settled in Feodosia in 1924. Here he created and his best novels: “Scarlet sails” and “Running on the waves.” From the roadway of the Museum is separated by massive ship’s chain, and this huge anchor if firmly rooted in the pavement. Tourists like to be photographed near it. And this small house is a literary — memorial Museum of Alexander Grin. Inside is very interesting and exciting. You seem to be transferred to the pages of his wonderful works, traveling to non-existent cities and countries, meet with literary heroes. It turns out that the real name of the writer was not the one we all knew, and Grinevsky. Grin his name was friends, so this nickname he chose for his literary pseudonym. The rooms in the Museum are cozy and small, but everything here is stylized under the ship theme. Everywhere there are marine attributes and miniature models of ships.

After visiting the Museum, you will learn about the childhood of the future writer, about how he had to wander in search of unsuccessful work and often starve. Sasha lived thanks to his literary talent, and in 16 the young man decided to become a sailor and got a sailor on the ship “Platon”, which plied from Odessa to Batum and back.

The ship “Platon”

Visiting the green Museum you will learn a lot about the magical mysterious country, which the writer came up with. The halls of the Museum are converted into real ship cabins, each of which has its own mysterious name. Then there is the Cabin of travel, and the hold of the Frigate, and Klipporna with Rostral.

One of the Museum rooms

Near this small house in addition to various flower beds with flowers and fragrant lavender, there are many more things remarkable. Vacationers will always be able to sit on the benches and remember his fascinating novels, to imagine yourself in the place of the young Assol or the beautiful captain Gray. In memory immediately come lines from his works:*One morning in the open sea under the sun will sparkle scarlet sails. The shining mass of the scarlet sails of the white ship will move, cutting the waves, right to you. Quietly will swim this wonderful ship, without shouting and shots; on the shore of a lot of people will gather, wondering.

Today, the place where the Museum of Grin’s dreamer Theodosians is affectionately called “Green-Landia”, the Kingdom of schooners and spyglasses, sea lights and compasses. Not far from the seaport, on the street Gallery, 10 once lived a famous writer. For curious tourists in the city and set special signs that will not allow you to get lost in the solar Feodosia. You will definitely not pass by the Museum. Notice at once this originally made figure panel in the form of a light sailboat called “Brigantine”, which adorns one of the walls of the Museum complex. It seems that you are in some ancient city. Even the street lights are made in the old style. But once Theodosia was called Kaffa and was founded in the VI century BC by Greek colonists from Miletus. Theodosius called Kyrym stambouli and Ardent-Stambouli (Crimean Constantinople or semi-Constantinople).

And if you want to walk on the “Grin trail”, so today it is called tourists, you need to stock up on water and wear comfortable shoes. You can go on foot through the mountains directly to Koktebel, the home of the poet Voloshin. Yes, Yes, that’s how the writer went to his literary friend. After all, Maximilian Voloshin in those years lived in Koktebel. This route is still popular among tourists. On the way you will meet very picturesque Crimean landscapes and the most wonderful fragrant roses. In this city Grin lived for 6 long years and Theodosia became one of his favorite cities for the writer. All the works of Alexander Stepanovich, written in these years, are imbued with the spirit of romance.

Looking at the Crimean lavender fields Grin immediately improved mood. He wrote with ecstasy, and the picturesque Crimean nature helped him in this, of course. In July of this year, the Museum celebrates its 48th birthday. There are still a lot of tourists and interest in the literary work of Grin does not dry up. And for those who like to watch the film adaptation of exciting novels of green, found a small video on the Internet, I hope you will be interested to remember some of the events taking place in the novel “Golden chain”.Again, the usual inkwell, but very different adventures of the characters. The wind was blowing…”– after writing this, I knocked over by a careless movement of the ink, and the color is shiny puddles reminded me of the darkness of the night when I was lying in the cabin of the “Hispaniola..Thus began the affair of the Grin, if you forgot what happened after that, you can always reread. That’s the beauty of art.

Today, the Museum staff have already begun to prepare for the upcoming celebrations, planted many magnificent roses that will make the holiday even brighter and more beautiful. You will be in Feodosia I advise you to visit it, you will not regret. You will discover this writer again. Enjoy your trip!

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