Significance of Team Building to Achieve Success

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Role of Teambuilding

Have you ever heard of the famous saying that wolves are stronger when it is with its packs? Not because they can share the same power. But because they do share one goal, to defeat enemies. Same thing also applies to human teams. In this essay, we will know the vital role of team building.

According to Online Wikipedia, Team building is a collective term for various types of activities used to enhance social relations and define roles within teams, often involving collaborative tasks. To elaborate this term in the simplest possible way, team building consists of activities that the purpose is to bring team mates closer to each other. In this case, team mates would get to know each other better than ever. While performing those activities, they will share strong bond that will make them progress the team activity in order to catch their goal. The activities will help them to be more productive. By competition, they will learn to communicate and motivate each other as effective as possible. They will learn to lean on each other and trust each others as well and when they finally performed team building activities more efficiently, they might be one step ahead of their competitors.

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In other to do this in the most effective way, everyone has to participate. You will also learn this through process. Team building enhances ones’ participation of the game. A team also needs a good leader. Choosing a leader is hard because every one in the team might want to be a leader but on the other hand, one might also be scared to be a leader because of fear that he or she might not be able to suit the needs of the whole team. In that case, I think everyone should vote for their leader and majority vote wins. A leader is a lot different from boss. A potential leader has to have a good communication skills and must be confident with his or her plans for the team to inspire and motivate one another to share the same goal. A leader has to be good in critical or analytical thinking in order to provide the best solutions in every problem or conflict the team can ever encounter. One of the vital role of a leader is to be the source of encouragement of the whole team. He or she must be posses the quality of being understanding and a good listener to his or her team mates. He or she must not criticize them if they made mistakes. He or she should always have something to say or have solutions to offer. He or she should be the best adviser of the team.

Team building is a powerful asset of the team. If performed properly, it will increaser their productivity. Team mates can always make better outcomes. Team building’s role is to change the team’s perception from negative to positive. Instead on focusing on their weaknesses, the team would focus on their strengths and will find a way to prevent their weaknesses and threats from affecting their productiveness.

Team building does not only help in terms of the games, activities, and winning the game. Even when they lose, they are still there for each other. Because while in the process of performing activities, they surely also have built emotional relations to each other. Interpersonal relationships tend to give them quality time to treat each other more than just team mates. After or before the practice, trainings or actual game, team mates will still have that bond that each of them will treasure.

The role of team building is also to give an opportunity for every team mates to express how they feel. It’s lik an open forum where everyone has the confidence to share ideas and opinions without offending each other. This is might also be a good spot if one some of the team mates has something that needed to be corrected immediately. No one hides what they really feel inside especially if they see something wrong or something that needs improvement. Just because there is a leader doesn’t mean you don’t have any rights to complain or say your opinion. A potential leader will understand you and would be glad to know if he or she is the first one to know about random issues.

The role of team building covers a lot of aspects but will land directly at the same destination; for different people to be one. Different people from different cultures, different norms and values and principles, different perceptions, different way of living but share the same goal and intention; and that goal is to give all their best for the team and their intention is to win the battle in the fairest possible way. Everyone in the team is important. No one is much important and less important. No one is much better and no one is worse than the other because if you played did all your best for the game and the team, you far from best.

I therefore conclude, team building does not make you win the game. It just helps you on your way to victory. Team building makes you feel like you win even when you lose the game. Because the victory of an efficient team is its whole experience and giving nothing but all of their best.

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