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Signs And Proofs Of Climate Change Happening Today

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Climate change is a change in global or regional climate patterns, mainly a change apparent from the mid to late 20th century onwards and attributed largely to the increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide produced by the use of fossil fuels. The main debate and question everyone is asking comes down to “is it happening today?”. I believe it is happening today but not as fast as they are saying in the films and programs like The Inconvenient Truth Sequel.

I strongly believe that nowadays there are many different signs and proofs of climate change happening today. One being global temperature is and has been rising and the planet’s average surface temperature has risen about 2.0 degrees Fahrenheit since the 19th century, due to an increase in carbon dioxide and other human-made substances going into the atmosphere. Most of the temperature rising has occurred in the past 35 years, with 16 of the 17 warmest years on record occurring since 2001.The warmest year on record was 2016, and eight of the 12 months that make up the year — from January through September, not counting June — were the warmest on record for those months. The oceans have been increasing in heat with about 2,300 feet of the ocean showing warming of 0.302 degrees Fahrenheit since 1969. Also, ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctic are decreasing in mass size. Greenland’s ice sheets have lost 150-250 cubic kilometers of ice per year between the years 2002 and 2006. Antarctica’s ice sheets have lost about 152 cubic kilometers of ice between the years 2002 and 2005.There is also proof of Glaciers in places all over the world such as the Alps, Himalayas, Andes, Rockies, Alaska, and Africa, retreating. NASA has also showed Satellite observations showing how snow coverage in the Northern Hemisphere has decreased throughout the past five decades proving that the snow is melting earlier than what it should. Another proof of climate change is the fact that global sea levels has risen around 8 inches through the last century. With the rate of the last two decades this last century is nearly doubled.

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There are many controversies going on about climate change. I believe in things that have proof and evidence to back it up and show it’s true. Therefore, there is a lot of evidence showing that climate change and global warming is happening today and it’s something people should acknowledge.


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