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Similar Connections Between Truman Show Movie And Modern World

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The Truman Show was created almost twenty years ago. The fake landscape in which Truman lives is somewhat similar to our media landscape today in which news, politics, advertising and public affairs are increasingly made up of theatrical illusions. The Truman Show is about the media intruding the life of a celebrity. Truman was being watched and recorded since the day he was born. The whole world was watching him, which he had no clue of. Truman didn’t realize that he had no privacy.

The movie is about a man that has a world created just for him and was born and raised there. There are thousands of cameras that record his life on live TV, twenty-four hours a day. Truman doesn’t know that this is going on and that he is the star of the most popular TV show. He was being watched his whole life. The world that he lived in, was the image of a perfect world. He had everything taken care for him. He had food, a job, a wife and all the resources he needed. It was all set out for him. Even the weather was perfect. The creator was responsible for Truman’s life. He controlled everything and made sure that Truman was taken care of and that he wasn’t harmed. Truman was getting suspicious about the world he lived in. he started to realize that everything always turned out the same, and that the same day was repeated every day. He eventually realized that the world he lived in was fake and that he was trapped in this place. Truman wanted to escape, but the controller tried to convince him not to. He told him that he was living in a perfect world and was free. But Truman left and was cheered on.

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Some of the observations were that this movie was being compared to the story of Adam and Eve. Truman is Adam and the controller is God. At the end of the movie, where Truman finally speaks to the controller, Truman asks,” Who are you?”. The creator than first replies “I am the creator, of a television show…”. This is ironic to the story of Adam and Eve because the creator says the Truman can leave whenever he wants and that no one is forcing him to stay. Truman has to realize that he has something to leave for, he wanted to go after the girl that he liked. Also, what’s ironic is that the controller has the power to control Truman’s life with the touch of a finger.

Between the film and the world in which we live in today, there are similar connections. For example, we live in a world where a lot of people are willing to show their lives to everyone, by using social media. Like the Truman Show, his life was being watched by everyone around the world. People are using social media to post videos of their lives and everyday situations. People post on where they’re located, what they’re doing, where they’re going, what they’re eating and how they feel. Too much personal information is given out to the world and that is how they’re life is basically being watched. People can watch your life and what you’re doing from the other side of the world and you might not even know. You’re basically showing your life and how you live with people around the world. Another connection is, that in the world we live in today, we are taught that living in a safe life is a good life. The Truman Show showed that because Truman was taken care of all his life and that it was safe. The controller even mentioned that he was safe in the world that he lived in. The Truman Show and the world we live in, show similar connections of how our lives are being accessed and how there is little privacy.


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