Single and Multiple Partner Marriages in Canada

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The legality of multiple-partner marriages in Canada is an issue under intense debates. There is evidence of societal changes concerning these unions. The law, however, is yet to keep up with changes and make provisions for the arrangements. In the process, people in such situations fail to benefit from governmental services.

Single partner marriage in Canada is the union between a man and a woman who take vows to remain committed to one another. A polygamy marriage consists of one person who has several spouses. Polyamory, on the other hand, is a situation where a married person has intimate relations with another person with the permission of his/her partner. One of the significant similarities in all the unions stated above is the moral support one gets. The difference in marriages is that single partner marriage is legal in Canada while the rest are not (The Canadian Press, 2018). A keen analysis of the situation indicates that single partner marriage is relatively more accepted by society compared to the others.

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Canadian society portrays changes with regards to multiple-partner marriages as more people start accepting them. One consequence of these marriages are numerous people living in arrangements that the government does not recognize. Irrespective of not breaking the law, the unions are not part of the Canadian systems and are null and void (Friscolanti, 2018). The long term cultural result of multiple marriages is the impression created to young generations. Canadian law is not in support of the agreements, yet people continue living in them. The act shows the young generation that people can live outside the provisions of the law.

Canadian law should continue penalizing multiple marriage marriages, especially if there is an involvement of underage girls (This is Why, 2018). The sister wives concept developed primarily by religious individuals, should be a concern. In an attempt to prevent girls from getting married, the government should focus on such organizations. The fact that the unions are against the law is enough for the government to take a stern action (Reuters, 2018). It is the responsibility of the government to enforce the law and ensure all citizens in the country follow it. In this way, there will be a reduction of abuse of young girls in the name of marriage.

It is undeniable the Canadian society is changing. The law should change to suit the developing aspects of life (Browne, 2014). There is a dire need for the legislature to have an in-depth understanding of the communities. In this way, there will be a development of laws that cover multiple partner marriages (Alan, 2011). Under the new law, people will access government services, an issue that will improve the quality of their lives. Once the government accepts the marriages, society will follow suit, and people will have positive attitudes and be more accepting.

The state of multiple-partner marriages in Canada is a legal issue that requires an overhaul of the systems. Government acceptance of their existence and making provisions is one way to change societal attitudes. The government should, however, place importance on preventing underage girls from getting into marriages of any form.

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