Single Life and Married Life Comparative Analysis

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It’s an understanding that to be happy People don’t have to get married. Marriage can have lots of different values in every culture, it may seem good. However, it can get quite a bit challenging due to every part of a person’s life changes after marriage. There are many kinds of differences in a single person’s life and a married person’s life, for instance, freedom, independence, and responsibilities.

To begin with, being a married person with a family comes with a lot of responsibilities that he or she can be lacking the freedom that they had before marriage. In everyday life styles with children, the wife or the husband tends to baby-sit the children which takes up most of their time. Also having jobs can leave them with no time to themselves at all. On the other side a single person has the freedom of doing whatever they desire such as going out with friends, enjoying alone time, having the time of their lives. A single person also has the freedom to choose the life they want to lead whereas a married person has to think about the life they have to lead together with their significant other

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In addition, between single people and married people, the singles are way more independent than married ones. A married couple needs to express and have communication about what they do in their daily life with their significant other. Married people can’t do whatever they want without thinking of the consequences that’ll affect the family. However, A single person doesn’t have to share about what they do, they can just do whatever with getting worried about what the other person will say, think, or feel. A married person’s eating and sleeping habits change due to their scheduled daily life. A married person has to be home at a specific time. They must spare time for their family. But, a single person doesn’t have to live by these regulations, they don’t have to worry about someone waiting for them at home so they need to hurry home.

Furthermore, there are many responsibilities that come with marriage like finance. Depending on whether a married couple has children or not, in a marriage the husband and the wife have to consider the mouths they have to feed, the expenses of clothing, grocery, transportation. A married couple also thinks about the future and has savings for their children or for emergency situations they might need one day. On the other end, a single person doesn’t need to worry about their expenses, but a single person does more spending than a married person does, a single person doesn’t normally think about the future. They just live life the way it is.

Single life and married life comparative analysis showed that marriage puts a lot of pressure and control on a person’s life. However, being married or being single, they both have advantages and disadvantages in life. Such as being single, you are sure are independent but you might feel lonely at times. Where a married person is in advantage of that, they have a partner by their side when in need of support and love. 

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