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Barclays Bank PLC is a British multinational bank which specialises in investment banking and the organisation also handles financial services/products. Barclays was founded in 1690 in the UK’s capital, the city of London, which the headquarters are located. The structure of Barclays bank is organised into four key aspects: Personal banking, Corporate banking, Wealth management and investment management. Over centuries the bank was built, the common purpose is ‘creating opportunities to rise’ working together to help customers, client, colleagues and society. This essay will give a brief description of how Barclays runs as an organisation and its environment in which it operates.

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As Barclays bank is a multinational organisation they have operations that are run in 50 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and America. Economy plays an important role in determining the market position of an organization. Capital markets such as Barclays play a vital role in the long-term health of the UK economy. According to a 2011 paper by Vital et al. , Barclays was the most powerful transnational corporation in terms of ownership and corporate control over global financial stability and market competition with AXA and State Street Corporation taking the 2nd and 3rd position. Barclays bank is a public limited company which means that shares are traded in the stock exchange rather than private limited companies which shares are in private hands. At Barclay’s values and cultures are worked on when trust in bankers and banking is at the lowest level.

Barclays Bank PLC helps to save customers time by modern technical equipment such as A. T. M services therefore facilitating their deal with the bank. Various strategies have been undertaken which helps to reduce the processing time of its main products and services such as credit cards, cheque encashment, loans and new accounts. Innovating through mobile applications reduces the waiting period and down time as well as significantly reduced queues.

Analysing a PPI Case Manager job role with Barclays bank plc

When people take out insurance it’s easy to assume that a substantial amount of money is processed straight into a customer’s bank accounts without further delay, however there is a wider investigation which needs executing. Case managers are responsible to make sure that all procedures and regulations are followed while treating customers fairly. Here is a list of the basic requirements in order to be a successful case manager at Barclays Bank PLC: Evaluate, analyse claim related documents and take appropriate actions. Gathering and requesting further information from clients. Liaise with financial institutions in writing or through the phone with the aim of resolving a case with a favourable outcome for the clients (if possible). Complete all the relevant data entry task to a proficient level of accuracy with all operational processes. Assigned work must be completed in a suitable manner, failure to comply with this will affect providing a timely response to clients. Good time management skills are required. Able to work to a high level of accuracy and gain the ability to work well under pressure as deadlines are close. Good leadership skills are essential. Working on own initiative is heavily required, especially when decision making is one of the key elements to be a successful case manager. Excellent attention to detail is necessary to be a case manager as every decision made on a case must be justified well in your rationale. Excellent communication skills are required. Confidence is essential however this must be balanced with sharp focus and reliability. Good IT skills is essential with good knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. identifying the specifications of the PPI case manager role at barclays bank plc I have listed the basic requirements needed to be successful in your application when applying at Barclays Bank PLC as a case manager in the above paragraph. However, working as a PPI case manager comes with technical and much more advanced requirements. Listed below I have outlined a more detailed specification requirement in order to be successful when working as a case manager. Tasked with dealing with customer’s accounts regarding Payment Protection Insurance and seeing issues through until you reach a conclusion. Extracting information about customer’s employer benefits, for example, sickness cover entitlement, redundancy pay, take home pay (annual income) and continuous employment dates. Attention to detail on customer’s medical conditions at the time of the PPI sale. We do this to evaluate whether customers were suitable to take out Payment Protection Insurance. Diligently updating case administration and course notes across systems, files and formal reports. Investigating whether customer’s have been mis-sold PPI when they applied for a credit card. Thoroughly researching cases to determine whether to uphold or defend a specific PPI case. Determining a fair outcome and justifying decisions by referencing to evidence, facts and case logic. Escalating specific cases when required and meeting regulatory compliance for business standards. Updating systems to decipher if the Payment Protection Insurance was sold as advised or non-advised. Advised would be through a Barclays bank or having a telephone conversation with an advisor. Non-advised would be if the customer’s applied for PPI through postal or by filling out an application online through the web.

Conducting an audit of my current skills using skills gap analysis

A skills gap analysis is a template that is used to determine and compare a person’s skills to the skills required for a specific job role to which they have been, or will be, assigned. A straightforward skills gap analysis consists of a list of skills required along with a rating of the employee’s level for each skill. I will be conducting a skills gap analysis on my current skills to the skills Barclays Bank PLC requires in order to be successful as a case manager. The first step in conducting a skills gap analysis is to establish particular target aims by looking at a company’s strategic goals, mission statement and improvement purpose.

I have undertaken the skills gap analysis which shows that I will need to improve on my current skills. It is very important to obtain the skills that an employer needs as this, not only proves that you are fit for the role, but it also shows that you are capable of doing your role with precision and accuracy. In the next content I will discuss my outcomes of the skills gap analysis I have undertaken with an action plan to improve my skills. Constructing an action plan linking the Case Manager job role and its requirementsI will be conducting a personal development plan which is a template which helps achieves goals, keeping you on track and pointing you in the right direction. Having a plan for developing skills is essential to ensure performance and productivity of an organisation or a department, in this case making sure I have the rights skills needed to become a case manager at Barclays Bank PLC. A personal development plan is an assessment tool embedded in a larger assessment cycle of performance interviews, used to gather and document an overview of employees already acquired competencies, skills, attitudes and achievements.

Personal development plans are good practices in employment guidance and educational initiatives introduced over the past few decades. The plan also states how to develop current skills with realistic timescales and resources that are available to uplift my skills.


The following assignment is aimed to understand the position of the Case Manager role. Through this article I analysed the job specifications while conducting a review on my own skills matched to the requirements of Barclays Bank PLC. Along with a brief introduction on the history of Barclays Bank PLC and their financial products and services. In order to ensure that I will be successful in getting employed as a Case Manager at Barclays, it is recommended that I follow the personal development plan that I have structured in the article. Even though my current skill level needs improving I believe if I carefully follow my development plan, this will enable me to uplift my skills to the requirements of Barclays Bank PLC.

I have learnt through my research and studies that to become an employee at Barclays Bank PLC you will need to gain technical and good communication skills. Barclays requires employees to live up to the standards and values of the bank, while creating opportunities for customers and employees to rise. The bank plays a vital part in the market position which plays an important part in the global economy. Barclays not only has to maintain its current brands and values but also persevere to enhance it furthermore. Attaining the right set of skills, I will be able to implement the values of Barclays and live up to the expectations of customers and the organisation.

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