Skills Or Attributes Necessary to Be an Outstanding Pe Teacher

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Skills Or Attributes Necessary To Be An Outstanding Pe Teacher

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For many students, gym class is the most exciting of the day. It is a chance for them to get out of their desks and blow off some steam but while it may not seem like a difficult class to run, physical education teachers have a lot of planning and preparing for each class period. Physical education teachers…………Before one is able to commit to becoming a physical education teacher, it is important for them to know the education requirements, everything that they need to do in the day, the salary, work hours, and the characteristics that one must portray to be successful in the field.

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Becoming a physical education teacher comes with many responsibilities, some of which are not what one would typically expect. Physical education (P.E.) teachers must do the obvious tasks of maintaining order and structure in their classroom and giving students grades. They also have many more jobs that need to be fulfilled in one day. Physical education teachers must go to extra meetings instead of having their own work time and they have to make special accommodations for each student (Ingish, 2019). Mrs. Ingish also explained what a usual day consists of for her. She said that most P.E. teachers at Waterford Union High School (WUHS) have 5 regular classes, 1 supervision; whether it be lunch or a study hall, and 1-2 prep periods (Ingish, 2019). Physical education teachers also need to build the curriculum of their 5 classes based on 5 basic standards. The first standard is that the student must be able to demonstrate their competence through motor skills and movement patterns. The second standard is that the student must be able to apply what they know about the concepts, principles, strategies, and tactics in different sports and movements. The third standard is that the student is able to demonstrate their knowledge and skills that are used to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The fourth standard pertains to the students’ ability to show responsible personal and social behaviors that are respectful to both themselves and other students and faculty members. Finally, the fifth standard of curriculum building is that the student can recognize the value of physical activity for a variety of reasons like health, enjoyment, and self-expression (Advanced Solutions International, Inc., 2013). Some important characteristics for people that want to become a physical education teacher are that they must enjoy working with children, demonstrate leadership skills, be motivating, and are able to teach diverse students (How to Become a P.E. Teacher, 2017).

Physical education teachers must go through education of their own to be able to teach students. The minimum requirement for being able to teach physical education is a bachelor’s degree but many professionals continue on their education and earn their master’s degree (Ingish, 2019). At the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse, the undergraduate degree is a part of the school of science and health in the exercise and sports science department with a physical education emphasis (Physical Education Teaching, 2019). Some classes that aspiring physical education teachers will need to take during college are introduction to the physical education teaching profession, human anatomy and physiology for exercise science I and II, human motor behavior, and many more (Physical Education Teaching, 2019). Physical education is a profession for motivating, open-minded, and people with leadership qualities.  

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