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SkillsFuture Mentorship Programme in Singapore: Developing an Open Mind Towards Diversity

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Six of a hundred Singaporeans lives out of Singapore. Greater number of Singaporeans are living abroad, and this trend is said to continue and not decline. Statistics have shown that 213 400 Singaporeans are living abroad as compared to 157 800 Singaporeans in 2004 (Leong, 2017). Singaporeans will need to have a global mindset so as to be even more advanced than other countries in terms of economics for example, so as to remain internationally competitive. With programs such as SkillsFuture, mentorship programs and leadership preparations, this can help Singaporeans achieve a global mindset.



SkillsFuture was initiated by the government to provide opportunities for Singaporeans to improve themselves through upgrading certain skills. Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam mentioned in a news article that, Singaporeans must continue to value-add their career by enhancing the relevant skills and how individuals will be more employable by not only the local employers but also by the international employers (Lim, 2019).

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As Singaporeans are more employable due to their skills, greater number of Singaporeans are ready to work overseas. As mentioned by Minister Chan Chun Sing, due to the small size of the country, we should venture to other countries for more opportunities (Neo, 2018). This hence provides more opportunities not only for economics but also cultural exchange in countries abroad, which in turns cultivate global mindset.

Mentorship programs

Global mentorship programs such as the National University of Singapore (NUS) Global Mentorship Programme is launched to cultivate global mindset in students by providing opportunities to learn about the different cultures and market outside of Singapore (“Singapore : NUS Launches New,” 2019). By doing so, students will be able to experience different cultures and will be more open to the different diversities present in the world as they interact with people of different diversities. This will in turn prepare the students to have a global mindset.

Leadership preparation

In order for one to cultivate global mindset, it often begins with ourselves. As mentioned in a book written by E. Egel and L.W. Fry, a person with a global mindset should have “higher levels of consciousness, self-awareness, and self-transcendence” (Egel & Fry, 2018a). How an individual is able to have such qualities is by changing their mindset and the way they behave such as having an end in mind and having a plan to reach those goals or having a multinational perspective (2018b). With the change in mindset, Singaporeans will be able to attain a global mindset, making them ready to work abroad.


In conclusion, to prepare Singaporeans to be ready to work abroad, they must instill a global mindset within them. By doing so, it will prepare them for overseas opportunities which may not be found in Singapore. Upgrading skills through SkillsFuture, participating in global mentorship programs as well as preparing oneself in terms of leadership can help to cultivate global mindset.


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