Skydiving: Preparations for the Main Jump


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In the last four years, I have asked my parents if I can go skydiving when I turn eighteen. Their answer was no every time I brought it up because they did not want to put me in a dangerous situation. I would recommend skydiving for people who are looking for something daring, gutsy, and venturous, the best advice is to make sure that all safety tips are covered. Therefore, here are a few tips to help you be safe for the jump.

Before you begin getting on the plane for the jump, you want to forget everything you think you know. Many people think they know what it feels like to skydive even though they have never done it. This is an experience that no one can describe because it is something beyond anything you will ever do. You have probably been to an amusement park before, you can try as many rides as you want, and it does not take any instructions. Skydiving is not an amusement ride. It is incredibly fun, but it is also something to take seriously. You will go through a briefing before your jump which you will need to pay attention to, so you know exactly what to do when you are up in the air and about to jump.

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Skydiving is very important. Skydiving is taken as a misunderstanding, you would think you would have to be attached to your instructor and that’s it. In reality, the instructors are attached to make sure you are skydiving safely, and they are their to take precaution incase if there is a malfunction on the equipment. Before you exit from the plane, your instructor will debrief you about your appropriate body position. You will be told how to attempt a perfect freefall correctly and you will also practice how to land by lifting your legs. It is crucial that you should wear comfortable clothing. The most important rule is to listen to the directions before and during the skydiving process.

One main misinterpretation that people think about skydiving is that you will not be able to breath while flying and that it is believed that people hold their breath. You can breathe while skydiving, although it is not the same as breathing through your nose. You breathe by opening your mouth. You should scream when you exit out of the plane because it helps reminds you to breathe.

Skydiving is an amazing extreme sport to do. The thoughts that go through your mind when skydiving is unexplainable. When you are skydiving, the experience is unbelievable that the facial expression made when diving and caught on camera shows the excitement. Buying a GoPro or a camera that can capture this experience is highly suggested.

Before you skydive, you are going to have this rushed feeling because you are so excited for an experience of your life. This excitement might make you forget to eat, but it is important that you eat normally before you skydive. Eating before you skydive is very important because you need to have the energy to handle the flight when falling. Drinking water is also very important, it helps keep you aware and gives you energy when skydiving. When you are about to land in the drop zone you need to manage your time to make sure that you are not late. You should also check the weather before you skydive and possible during. The weather can affect the way that you land as well as the timing. It is very crucial that you do not try to make any attempts to plan anything before the time of your exit.

These skydiving tips will help during your first experience. Georgia is a great way to start your first-time experience of skydiving. Go and book your tickets to skydive and have the time of your life. Use these tips to the best of your ability and always as your instructor questions. If you do not feel comfortable with skydiving, you can always try again when you feel ready. Skydiving is such an exciting experience and I highly suggest you should try it.

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