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Slavery and the Civil War in the United States

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Civil war is a type of war which began when the Confederates did bombard Union soldiers at Fort Sumpter a region located in South Carolina. During this period, there are various causes of civil war in contemporary society. The main cause was the obdurate differences between the slave and the Free states over the power of the national government to prohibit the slavery in the territories which had not become states yet. These differences mainly emanated from the economic and social factors. For instance, the cotton farming became very profitable after its invention in 1793 by Eli Whitney; most farmers in the south were beginning to adopt farming as oppose industrialization (Biel 10). As the demand increases, the plantation which produces large-scale cotton were thus in need of cheap labor to provide services in the farms hence leading to the rise of slave adoption from the North. The southerners thus became one crop economy and were fully depends on cotton hence the emergence of the slave trade. Due to the fact that around 350000 out of 6 million southerners owned slaves, the North was not pleased with the system hence the break of the civil war between the two regions (“Civil War Facts”)

On the other hand, the industry did rule the economy of the north, a process which influences them to put less emphasis on agriculture and agricultural activities. Most of the Northern industries were purchasing the raw materials from the south and turn them into finished goods for sale. With industrialization, the population began to respond by expanding over time. However, the population from the north was growing at a faster rate as compared to the south and seven out of the total 8 immigrants dwells in the north (“Civil War Facts”). These thus brought an economic imbalance, a process which contributed to the break of the American constitution. During the war, the main commanders of the war comprise of the Abraham Lincoln, Robert E Lee, Ulsses S. Grant, George B. McClellan, George Amstrong, William Tecumseh, Nathan Bedford, P.G.T Beauregard, Henry Halleck, Ambrose Burnside, David Farragut, George Meade and James Longstreet.

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In the pursuit to end the slavery, the Missouri compromise was passed in the year 1820 to establish the rules which limit the Louisiana Purchase. It should be noted that during the Mexican war, the debate about the manner in which the new territories will be gained upon the victory. It is the same situation which the Wilmot David proposed a law which aimed at banning slavery in the new formulated territories (Biel 30). Besides, in 1850, the new comprise was formulated by Henry Clay. These were formulated to address the issues which aim at balancing the Free States and slaves. In the situation in which California was declared a free state, the fugitive Act was formed. It was mainly done to prohibit harboring fugitive slaves even if they were located in the non-slave states. These were achieved through holding every perpetrator responsible for such activities.

It was mostly meant to aid in the protection of both the Southern and Northern interests. In accordance with the Dred Scott High Court verdict, the justice did not prevail for Scott since it was ruled that Scott remain a slave. Even, if he appealed, through the influence of President Buchanan intervene and influence the verdict. It was determined by the jury that the case was beyond the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court hence it could not precede to the hearing stage. These did thwart the struggle of Scott to achieve freedom even if he was born a slave.

After the strong struggle for freedom from the southerners, the north did win the war. It’s because the north was highly industrialized and the supplies could be able to flow into their territories freely. For instance, they had railroads which aid in linking different regions hence allowing the transportation of the supplies and uniforms at a faster speed from their territories. Besides, the North had a large number of immigrants who aid in the provision of various skills which can be used in the management and containment of the war, and they could also be in a position to blockade the south due to its US merchant marine fleet and naval ships. Also, most of the slaves coupled with a larger population of 22 million compared to that of the south which was 9 million provided an incline in the volume of the welfare (“Civil War Facts”). The north had a stable and controlled government s and thus knew how to manage their functions and operations properly. The south also used their resources on the early conventional offensiveness as oppose to the non-conventional war far against the transportation and communication infrastructure at the North. In addition to good roads, the North had a number of manufacturing companies which aid in the manufacturing and providence of the supplies to the inhabitants as well as the soldiers. The factors thus did allow them to overcome the pressure and miseries from the costs hence the genesis of the freedom from the slave trade. Even though the North was victorious, they had a lot of challenges (“Civil War Facts”). For instance, the railroads were being blocked by the southerners to ensure that they never got the suppliers in time. Besides, most of the resources of the north were used in the fought for freedom hence leading to the shortages even through the replenishment was a bit efficient.

During the civil war process, there were different situations where people lost their lives for the sake of finding the truth. These comprise of the Gettysburg where 51000 were causality, Chickamauga -34624, Spotsylvania -3000 casualties, Chancellorsville-24000 casualties and the wilderness-29800 (Simpson, et al. 67).These did cause a lot of fear among the soldiers, a process which would have inhibited the civil war from erupting.

In my own opinion, I would wish to give my proposition that the North’s victory is not a foregone conclusion. It is because, it is through their victory which leads to the election of the Abraham Lincoln as the president of the both North, a process which did Breckenridge the South and bells the Border States. It is what had enabled them to overcome the miseries which led to the end of slave trade and emergence of freedom and liberty among the North (“Civil War Facts”). These have led to the incline in the manner in which they can operate and grow as a united society.

It can thus be concluded that the civil war which broke and lasted between 1861 to1865 was very significant in the transformation of the states found in the United States. It is a process which had led to the equitable distribution of resources and ensures that the human beings are not treated yet again as slaves as well as people who have no value to the society. Therefore, even though thousands of people lost their lives through a journey of hope, towards the end of it all, they achieved their set objectives, and the slave trade and slavery were abolished. It also enabled the North to reign over the south when Abraham Lincoln was elected to be the president.


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