Slavery of African Americans in How It Feels to Be Colored Me

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Are you in control of your own destiny? How would you know if we don’t speak up? The structure of the story “How it Feels to Be Colored Me” by Zora Neale Hurston was written in 1928 around this time was the economic turmoil and the stock market crash one year. The great depression did not affect Zora physically or mentally, instead she used her pride and identity based on strength to being different, with slavery taking place several years ago, she believes white should feel guilty not blacks how African Americans were treated during slavery. Zora story was based on how she views the world growing up in a all black community, she describes herself through the content of a brown paper bag, insides the bags are items that are merely apart of her survival kit to remain humble. She feels that the world is for those who are strong enough to embrace life no matter what color they are. She thinks of life as a game where It more exciting to get what you want, not fighting to keep what you have (1768). Zora has two identity, one that dance to Jazz music for white folks and the other who is an educated black women.

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Slavery in the United States existed in the 18th and 19th Centuries, that some desperate wretches should be willing to steal and enslave men by violence and murder for gain, is rather lamentable then strange (Constitution Society). This leads to the story of Jackson who focuses on cruelty.

In the short story “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson took place after the Nazis war. The Nazis killed the Jewish culture orders by Hitler, which was their leader; also they killed those who they felt weren’t suitable to be alive which in many cases is described as Inhumanity. Inhumanity took place when your brain can commit such a horrible crime and being able to physically be able to commit these crimes. Killing was something that they were told to do and that’s what they were known to do; it was apart of their tradition without actually understanding the concepts. “The Lottery” was perfect example of inhumanity, which was written in 1948, people in the small rural village and the Nazis had so much in common. The Villagers was group of families that gossips, but doesn’t stand up for their rights, instead they tends toward violence. Ms. Hutchinson portrayed to be a strong women with a voice and protested against the lottery, she was the only one who decided to protest and go against the village, not only did she disrespect the villagers by protesting she showed up to the lottery drawing late laughing. Mrs. Hutchinson has drawn the ticket that had the black dot, which symbolized death. No one objected to Mrs. Hutchinson ticket her friends and family pickup stones and progress to stoning her to death with no remorse. According to Johnson (2016) Stoning is a form if capital punishment in which the convicted criminal is put to death by having stones thrown at them, generally by coward. Stoning has been used since ancient judged as criminals.

“Lottery in June, Corn be heavy soon,” (Jackson) said by Old Man warner means animal or human sacrifices were made in hopes to please the gods enough for a good harvest. In regards to the bible “We reap only what has been sown” Life is filled with choices that affect us on an everyday basis in everything we do which means our everyday choices are not without significance.

Not only did Jackson portrayed a disturbing story that took placed after WWVI, it might have been disrespectful to the small rural village and pointless to some, but it was an incident that occurs in other countries and made it to the New York Times.

The comparison with the two American Literature authors proves that the short stories was written through their perspective, and how they believe people in those centuries conduct themselves. Not only were the authors women of different races, publications time and countries, but they published stories that others were not braved to share, also the stories make it to the New York Times. Jackson focuses on Inhumanity, people who was ordered to commit a cruel crime without any objective. Zora focuses was based on identity, others might view her by her skinned color, but she didn’t view herself has a race.

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