Slip and Fly of Black Light Party

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Methodology
  • The Development Process
  • Stages 3: Construction
    Stages 4: Operations


The purpose of holding this event is to strengthen Sentosa revenue from a new experience event to attract more tourist. This is a 3 days event which is a Slip and Fly of Black Light. It will be held in Sentosa Siloso Beach on 12-15 December 2018, the event time will be starting from 3 pm until 11 pm within this 3 day. The event concept is using UV Neon Glowing in the whole of the slip and fly. Besides, people can enjoy using non-hazardous UV Neon Paint their face or body. For the ticket entry, it has an early bird promotion ticket online. By the time for the online ticket print or download your e-ticket from the website. In addition, we also provide walk-in ticket during the event day. Besides, there will not be a refund for the weather cancellation. Thus, for the target market of the event is suitable 18-29 years old of young people that who likes to pursue excitement and adventure facilities.

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To complete a good and successful project is mainly derived from a meticulously planned and implemented project management approach. The purpose of this research to gets some insight into who actually will be attending and whether that is a target market for Slip and Fly Black Light Party. Therefore, the types of data in this report it will use primary data. For primary research is the process of collecting the data directly from original sources, rather than collecting information from research done by others. The researcher has an innumerable of tools or methods when conducting the primary research. Besides, the researcher can through interviews, surveys, observations, experiments, questionnaires and more to research the data is workable.

In this event, it will be using online surveys to research the target market of the event and this event is workable or not. Based on 100 survey respondents, the result of a survey carries out to determined discover the target market of this event the major ages are between 18-29 years old. This is because Slip and Fly are adventure and excitement facilities, so it will be suitable for young people. On the other hand, except the slip and fly it also has a black light party of slip and fly. Nowadays of young people, they like to attend a special kind of party so the slip and fly of the blacklight party that is suitable for those young people. In conclusion, the survey clearly shows that this event is the feasible and new experience of an event that will attract the consumer.

The Development Process

Stages 3: Construction

In this event, the biggest challenges are set up Slip and Fly it need spend 3 days to set it up. Because it needs to build up a steep slope to fly into the pool, so it also needs to build a temporary pool in this event. Therefore, we need a huge of potable water to set up the pool. Besides of setting up Slip and Fly it also need spend 2 days to setting up the decoration of blacklight, the temporary stall and more. As for the blacklight, it needs requires many glowing objects close up to the black light to get a beautiful and bright glitter. For the event the most we focus on is UV Neon Glowing, we set up it by using UV Led Floodlight, UV LED Spotlights to work for the party. Besides using the UV LED Floodlight and Spotlight, it will also be using UV Balloons, Linear UV Led Lamps, Glow Illuminated Desk, bar curved, high-top, cube, cube box, bubble machine to set up the blacklight party. In addition, the venue is at Sentosa Siloso Beach, so we rented the venue from Sentosa Development Corporation and collaboration with them. For the UV Neon Glowing stall, ticket counter it will place it before entrance. As for the toilet and locker it will place it at beside of the counter.

Stages 4: Operations

When consumer arrive at Sentosa it will have a signage to direct them to arrive the venue of the event. Once arrive the event it will have a signage of portable toilets, ticket counter, locker, entrance and the UV Neon Glowing stalls. For the weather conditions, Slip and fly of Black Light Party is an outdoor event and is obviously susceptible for wet weather. As adverse weather it will postpone the start time or cancel the event and there will be no refunds for the weather cancellation. In addition, the organizer will arrange a cleaning contractor for pre and post cleaning of the event.

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