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SME growth and development

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The purpose or goal of any firm is to make profit and growth. A firm is defined as an administrative organization whose legal entity or frame work may expand in time with the collection of both physical resources, tangible or resources that are human nature (Penrose, 1995). The term growth in this context can be defined as an increase in size or other objects that can be quantified or a process of changes or improvements (Penrose, 1995). The firm size is the result of firm growth over a period and it should be noted that firm growth is a process while firm size is a state (Penrose,1995). The growth of a firm can be determined by supply of capital, labor and appropriate management and opportunities for investments that are profitable. The determining factor for a firm’s growth is the availability of resources to the firm (Ghoshal, Halm and Moran, 2002).

Enterprise development services or business development services or non-financial services are provided by some MFIs adopting the integrated approach. The services provided by nonfinancial MFI services are; marketing and technology services, business training, production training and subsector analysis and interventions (Ledgerwood, 1999). Enterprise development services can be sorted out into two categories. The first is enterprise formation which is the offering of training to persons to acquire skills in a specific sector such as weaving and as well as persons who want to start up their own business. The second category of enterprise development service rendered to its clients is the enterprise transformation program which is the provision of technical assistance, training and technology to enable existing SMEs to advance in terms of production and marketing.

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Enterprise development services are not a prerequisite for obtaining financial services and they are not offered free of charge. These charges are subsidized by the government or an external party since to recover the full cost in providing the services will be impossible by the MFI. The enterprise development services may be very meaningful to businesses but the impact and knowledge that is gained cannot be measured since it does not usually involve any quantifiable commodity. It has been observed that there is little or no difference between enterprises that receive credit alone and those that receive both credit packages and integrated enterprise development services (Ledgerwood, 1999).


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