Smoking Should Be Banned in Public Places

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Have you ever wondered what is the true meaning of the scope of safety? Many people think about how to keep the world safe and clean; however, most of them are smoking cigarettes in public. My personal view is that smoking cigarettes should be illegal in public places for its disadvantage in the environment, people’s health, and healthcare cost.

First of all, smoking should be banned in public place for its negative impact on the environment. For example, smoking in public can cause fires if smokers through cigarettes in places that has flammable stuff. Moreover, that fires from cigarettes will harm the environment and leave a scar in the nature. Also, when people smoke in public they through cigarettes residu in the ground which we know that they are non-degradable. So imagine what the residue of cigarettes can cause to the nature and the water. When people follow the rule of banning smoking in public, we will reduce the risk of cigarettes in the environment. As a result, smoking in public places lead to harm the environment.

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Secondly, people’s health can be affected by smoking cigarettes in public places. For instance, some people have respiratory problem which when they smell smoke of cigarettes could be increased. For that, when smokers in public don’t smoke, other people can enjoy their time shopping, eating out, or even using buses without thinking about their health. Moreover, smoking bans in public places helps people who smoke or nonsmokers to reduce the risk of lung cancer. Clearly, people should not be smoking in public for its negatively affect people’s health.

Finally, banning smoking in public places decreases the highly healthcare cost. For example, people who get sick from smoking and who smell smoke from outside leads the government to spend more money to the cost of we give the government much more burden to pay for. If we decrease the smoking area the government can afford more money to other patients. While we can reduce the high healthcare cost by banning smoking in public, why we don’t do it?

To summarize, in public places smoking cigarettes should be illegal . and this is because smoking in public affects the environment, people’s health, and healthcare cost. Smoking in public in public seems a right for smokers, but it affects the right and safety of others. Let’s take it seriously and work on it.

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