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Snapchat Enjoys a Bump in Political Advertising

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“Snapchat enjoys a bump in political advertising” published December 7th, 2019, goes into detail about how Snapchat has been a social platform that has published political news. Young people and the nation could be impacted by this social media platform posting political news. This happening could keep the youth aware of what is happening in politics around the world. Some youth can get invested in this and possibly participate in politics and make contributions.

This political news story talks about how Snapchat has a bump in political advertisement and many young people have been active and looking through those political advertisements. This story relates to many topics we have talked about in class. In this class, we have discussed voting, and with that, we’ve discovered that older people vote a lot more than younger people. According to a table on the “United States Census Bureau”, younger people ranging from 18-29 have a 35.6% voter turnout and from age 45-60 they have a voter turnout of 66.1%. (Mirsa, 2019) There is almost double the amount of older people voting versus younger people. This is important because in class we talk about who and how many people contribute to political events. Snapchat has been a good platform for a lot of younger people because there has been much political news featured on it. Therefore, many younger people are getting the chance to be aware of the political news around the world.

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The political news story “Snapchat enjoys a bump in political advertising” could have multiple groups of people impacted. Firstly, younger people who use Snapchat daily are impacted. They are impacted because they are getting the access to read and be aware of political events at the tips of their fingers. “Snapchat has 178 million daily active users who create 3 billion snaps daily according to SimilarWeb, the average Snapchat user spends 49.5 minutes per day in the app.” (BroadbandSearch) During that time they could easily come upon a news story that they don’t know about. They then can look into the story and be more aware of the event. So young Snapchat users are impacted by this political news story.

Another group of people that will be impacted by Snapchat being a good platform for political news, is the whole nation. Younger people are the next generation, their decisions in political events are the future. So what the younger people are aware of and think is important, will determine many things. And Snapchat has a great impact on this. “Snapchat enjoys a bump in political advertising” the news story, could impact the nation possibly.

“Snapchat is becoming an increasingly popular platform for political advertising, as campaigns seek to target younger audiences and take advantage of the detailed user data the messaging app offers.” (Murphy, 2019) Snapchat having access to political news stories will possibly help younger people to be more active in politics and voting. This will help the younger generation’s voices to be heard. If there is something they don’t like, they can let the federal government know, by participating in politics. Younger people can help with bettering the educational systems, taxes, independence, and many more things. The youth could demand and defend democracy and could gain a sense of belonging. So if Snapchat continues to advertise politics, it will have an impact on young Snapchat users because they will be aware and can voice their opinion possibly.

This could be a positive impact on the United States in the future because, if the youth becomes more aware of the politics and are more invested in it, the United States could gain some political leaders and activists. The United States could have a big community of active politicians. Younger people who become interested in Snapchat news stories could have new ideas and can make an impact. “…, better-informed individuals can recognize their political interests and act consistently to further those interests.” ( Ginsberg, 2018, 157) So for Snapchat to continue political news stories, and maybe catch the eyes of a young person, can make a difference.

The political story “Snapchat enjoys a bump in political advertising” relates to the topic we covered about young people’s participation in politics, and voting. If Snapchat continues to advertise political news it could impact younger people. Young people are the next generation so our nation could also be impacted. Snapchat is used constantly by young people and is a good platform to be able to have easy access to political news. If younger people use Snapchat and are aware of political news it could motivate them to participate, and for the United States, this could change so many political decisions made in the future.


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