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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Movie Poster Analysis

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Although the movie poster is not the original work of the Disney movie, it still captures the story line and provides clues on what the movies is about with minimum effort. The first thing that is noticed while looking at the poster is the apple core that is in the center of the poster. Even though it is shaped like a core, the outline of the “bites” are actually shadows of human face figures. Inside the apple core, the seed is shaped like a heart. Another visual aspect that we can conclude from this poster is the core of the apple is white with red top and bottom. The writing is very simple, and the bold white letters stand out against the black background. “Snow White” is written above the “and the Seven Dwarfs”, implying that the storyline is based off of Snow White and the seven dwarfs are not as relevant, yet still play a significant role. It is all wrapped around with a black and white border, making the poster appear well put together. The movie poster of the beloved animated movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs uses pathos with colors, figures and symbols in order to get the audiences’ emotions of sorrow as well as a little bit of hope; encouraging them to watch the movie.

The first way pathos is incorporated in this movie poster is through the use of colors. When looking at the poster, the only four colors are black/gray, white, and red. The use of those colors convey darkness, hope and passion. The black background makes the apple core stand out, also representing the darkness and evil; meanwhile creating the mood of mystery in order to for the audience to be curious to learn more about what the film is going to be about. Another color that is seen is white that is inside the apple core. It is applied as a light of hope and purity, hence the name of the main character “Snow White”. That being said, one can say that there is hope for a good ending to the story. The last color that is present in the the poster is red. There are many associations when it comes to color red; passion, love, anger and death. In this case, the color is present at the top of the bitten apple core. When looking at the apple, passion and love is not felt as much as the intensity of anger or death.The reason that the color red in this poster represents anger and death is because the darkness behind the movie foreshadows the shade of red that is shown on the top and bottom of the apple. The shade of red is a very dark shade, almost blood like symbolizing anger and death or darkness. That being said, the warm mood of love and passion comes from the heart shaped apple seed that comes from the center of the apple core, conveying a glimpse of home for the two characters. Also, the image as a whole has more dark tones, rather than whites, suggesting that the movie has more darkness and danger behind it, rather than hope and happiness. Thus, the colors being used in the movie poster exemplify the methods of persuasion; pathos insures that those who are looking at the poster are involved and anxious to watch it.

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The second way pathos is used throughout the poster is by interpreting human figures. Two faces are seen looking at each other in place where the apple bites are supposed to be, right in the middle of the frame. The apple core being one of the most significant objects, also being the human facial features exemplify the human life and how relatable it can be to the audience. Pathos uses everyday object that humans see in order to get their emotional factor involved. When looking at a bitten apple, the audience will be curious and have a sense of fear due to the fact that the apple is already bitten thus the apple representing the end of a life. Although the bitten apple may represent the end of a life, the creator of the poster uses human figures, such as Snow White and Prince Charming, to contradict the meaning of the bitten apple. With this being said he uses the two human figures, as well as the heart, to symbolize that love overpowers evil. Using these two figures, as well as the heart, this makes the audience visualize both perspectives of the movie, which include love and evilness, showing the different emotions of the movie all in one image. Not only that, the outline of the human faces are very close to each other, almost as if they were going in for a kiss. The passion from the closeness of the two character can trigger emotional factors in the audience, making them think of their loved ones or previous relationships. That being said, the movie poster holds one symbolic feature that is one of the best ways pathos is possessed throughout the poster.

The eye catcher of the poster is in the very center of the poster. It is an apple seed that is shaped like a heart. The symbol of the heart represents love, emotion and passion; one of the most influential ways pathos influences the audience. It can be assumed that the two main characters are either in love, or feelings are going to get developed over time. Also, the symbol of the heart gives the audience a sense of relief and hope applying that there potentially could be a happy ending. Even though the whole poster has more sinister behind it than hope, due to the darkness of the image, the little heart of hope provides a sense of relief. Without a doubt, those who are hopeless romantics will be eager to watch the animated movie. Not only that, but the heart symbol is a universal. Those are foreign or are unable to read English, will still be able to understand the heart symbol and guess that it is a love story of two people; making the symbol use influenced by pathos a great way to influence the audience to be interested in beloved animated movie.

Some might say that out of ethos, pathos and logos, Ethos is the best way to encourage fans to go out and watch the movie. The only reason being is because of the name behind the makes of the animated movie. Grimm’s Fairy Tales, known globally for their famous fairytales, holds a title for having the most classic and famous fairy tales. Other famous tales written by the Brothers Grimm include Snow White, The Frog Prince, Cinderella, and Rapunzel. Thus, when a movie comes out representing their literature, those who are fans of their work tend to broaden their knowledge of other works completed by the Brothers Grimm making them known worldwide. That being said, ethos uses well known historical figures in order to reach out to the audiences interest.. Although that is a good method of advertisement, pathos uses the emotional appeal to reach out to the audience. A movie poster can have huge production company names symbolized on it, but if it does not capture the emotional factor of what the movie is going to be about or how the audience is going to feel or relate to the context, then it will simply be irrelevant to the public. It can be said when movie goers look at a poster, the first thing they look at is the picture and how it captures their inner feelings. Dramas, actions or horror movies all develop an emotional trigger within the audience and whatever that trigger might be, it becomes a factor on whether they want to watch the movie or not. The brand name means nothing if it is irrelevant to the audience.

In conclusion, a movie poster is a way of advertisement for big companies in order to persuade the audience to watch their movie. In the poster of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the use of pathos is incorporated through the use of colors, figures and symbols. Red, white and black bring passion, hope and fear all in one glance; the human figures and the symbol of love represent the realistic love story between the two individuals, which mostly everyone can relate to.


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