Social Deterioration that Caused by Lacking Gun Control in America

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With a barrage of gunfire, 58 people lost their lives and 489 were injured within 10 minutes. This was the most horrific mass shooting case in Las Vegas, America. Usually, the word “Gun”, immediately reminds us of the military, justice, and righteous police officers. However, every coin has two sides, so do guns. Throughout history, the homicides caused by guns were surpassed only by atomic bombs. Especially in the United States, the lack of gun control made the mass shootings much more prevalent. Generally, the lack of gun control in America is the major reason causing social deterioration which leads to injuries and deaths, social militarization and the worship of violence.

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One of the major influences of lacking gun control in America is that the illegal gun usage caused countless deaths and casualties. The lax gun control in America led to many holocausts and vicious violence events. According to the statistics from Census Bureau, there were 11,000 shooting cases and estimated 22,000 suicides by guns in America in 2016. American citizens can easily purchase guns at gun stores or from their neighbors. Background check was also not required. Back to the Las Vegas shooting case, the culprit held 23 firearms with him in the building. An individual who can buy and carry more than 20 guns? This reveals how ridiculous the American gun policy is. The invention of firearms was meant to contribute to the development of human society; however, people are using them cruelly like wild animals. It is even more horrifying when the homicides occur during the holidays. “There were 12 handgun shootings on Father’s Day weekend alone in America, 2016. On Christmas weekend, 12 people were killed and the police investigated 27 shots” (Washington post). Imagine if the American governments was able to spend a little more efforts on managing gun control legislation, could these deaths from either mass murder or accidents have been avoided? Evidently, a huge amount of casualties occurred at all-time in America caused by the lack of gun control.

Another social deterioration involves is the ever-increasing militarization of the society. According to president Trump’s speech, “the militarization of society is the major conflict that America is confronting nowadays” ( Resume Militarization). Since the legislation of gun control in America was extremely inadequate, military trades and gun deals appeared. If you have ever traveled to some parts of America, you will have experienced the feeling of being close to death. Nearly everyone on the street has her/his own gun. The people you meet may either be government soldiers or the terrorists. All of the illegal events (such as mass shootings, homicides, etc) were increasing under the poor legislation. The lack of contemporary gun control policy led America to this violent circumstance. Incidentally, the neo-Nazis and white-supremacist activities is another proof of the militarization of modern American society. “White supremacists are by far the most violent, committing about 83% of the extremist-related murders in the United States in the past 10 years and being involved in about 52% of the shootouts between extremists and police” (ADL). Insane Americans with heavy military force are killing others just because of racism. The United States is soaked with full of moral corruption and social deterioration. Ultimately, the lack of gun control changed America; which, in turn, led to further casualties and greater militarization.

Lastly, the lack of gun control in America led to the worship of violence. It may not seem very obvious, but the effects were most severe among younger age groups. Since America lacked the control of guns, crime appeared; once the crime activities came to light, it got broadcasted on the social media ( TV, web page, facebook, etc). After the news got widespread, people watched it and learned from it. Eventually, they got brainwashed by violence and considered violence the only solution to conflicts. This is a vicious circle of crime and it was only caused by the lack of gun control. It has become problematic in America as the horrible consequences turned up. According to lawcenter statistics, young adults (24 years of age and under) committed 38% of all firearm deaths and non-fatal injuries. Such a grieved statistic will never diminish the pain forever seared in the Americans. Imagine you are having a harmonious meal with your kids, simultaneously, the TV is playing a news about horrific mass shootings. This would be a serious concern to millions of parents. The news only inspire the youth to put themselves into violent circumstances; they are also being taught to commit crimes. If the gun control policy does not make any changes, the amount of crime activity will increase continuously; as thus, the crime news will keep influencing the youth. If they continuous hearing or watching the dreadful news, they are potentially more likely to participate in them. More importantly, young kids are impressionable and they learn a lot from what they usually face. Hence, the absent of gun policy in America has extreme adverse impacts on American youth; it might change the lives of teenagers.

The lack of gun policy in America caused the society to deteriorate as a whole, particularly the younger generation. Overall, the ruthless usage of guns killed countless innocent people; the increasing militarization changed the society into a smoky battlefield. Also, the worship of violence spread rampantly among American youth. If the gun control in the United States does not make any changes, they will confront more future catastrophes.

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