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Social Life Changes On The Basis Of information And Communication Technology

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Information and communication technology has provided human society with a vast array of new communication capabilities. As time passed by, information and communication technology (ICT) has been developed a lot to assist humans in their daily life. In Indonesia, ICT has supported the government as well as continuously improving people’s life socially and economically.

Social life change in many ways by information and communication technology. In the past, there was a culture in Indonesia to socialize with their neighbors in the coffee shop every morning, but today in the digital world we can communicate with friends and family by using social media. This transformation means humans can connect with more friends more efficiently. Also, this change helped us to get acquainted without any time and space limitation. Furthermore, there is a possibility that artificial intelligent-powered chatbots will be the daily companion of every human being, this transformation means that a machine could replace other human presence in social life. ICT also accommodates more people to get a better education so that we can learn anytime and anywhere for anything. Indonesians can learn from American university without leaving their home, workers able to improve their knowledge by learning in the night, and students can enhance their study using online group discussion. Improvement in education means a better social life in the future.

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Similar to the improvement in our social life, ICT improves the Indonesian economy by creating a lot of new opportunities and optimize businesses. Companies have been assisted in connection with clients and other institutions by using websites, social media, and online market-places. ICT increases financial strength by creating opportunities for the less fortunate. Therefore, the less fortunate can make money by offering services through online applications. Crowdfunding campaign also enables people to help other people to start their own business. Technology such as big data and machine learning algorithms give human trustworthy prediction and advice for their business. Utilization of ICT also invents better banking systems which simplify the process of saving money and making transactions. The most impactful, ICT helps workers to be more productive and it allows them to be supported by better working systems.

Lastly, ICT has also been developed to improve the government’s quality. Utilizations of ICT in public administration which is branded as e-government systems created by the government to assist them in their works, as an example the Indonesian ID card. Indonesian ID card adopts RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology to make sure that the identities are secured and have better data integrity. E-government systems were introduced to help Indonesia solved the corruption problem by using procurement of goods and services system. Several large cities are building smart city policy to track and control its critical infrastructures using Internet-of-Things devices, data analytics, and artificial intelligence. ICT technology also influences Indonesian politics system using social media to affect other’s political views. Political figures and their followers shape their images in the community through social media, so that people see them as the better leader of the government.

Information and communication technology helps every aspect of human life. Advancement of ICT such as IPv6 and 5G communication are needed by Indonesians to improve their social life, increase prosperity, and enhance government system. Development and socialization of ICT will be very crucial to build a better future for Indonesia.


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