Social Media Destroying Relationships One Step at a Time

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Social media has played a key part in everyone’s life. Whether we are bored or not we are constantly on our phones checking people’s status, tweet or posts in the last twenty-four hours. This causes an abundance of problems because relationships begin slowly disintegrating. People never let their phone leave their site because they are attached to social media. Media was never meant to become these addicting apps that ruined relationships. Both relationships and friendships are damaged by media in today’s society because of lack of communication, jealousy, and false images. Everyone puts their whole life on social media whether it is where they eating, what their doing, or even how they are feeling.

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Romantic relationships are often fake because majority of them put whatever on the internet for the views and likes. Many relationships try to base their appearances on the media’s to look like their the perfect couple, but in reality they most likely have an unhealthy relationship. Not only that but many relationships end because the significant others decided to talk to other people through the different medias and this leads to feelings being developed while dating someone else. Jealousy also frequently occurs because one partner sees another partner Pham interact another individual like retweet their tweet, liking their post, or commenting on their pictures. Romantic relationships are not the only ones being harmed by media.

Friendships are also being damaged. Jealousy also happens in friendships because someone could potentially be upset that their life is not as flawless as their friend life on the internet. Since everyone displays their whole life on medias, individuals will realize if they are being left out of any events or occasions and be dejected from it. Interacting with friends and trying to build a stronger connection through the internet is impossible, there is no communicating in depth to understand what each person is going through. Instead people see what is put on the internet and assume that everything is okay when they could actually be going through some hardships in their life. Although people say that social media can actually help relationships by being able to maintain long distance relationships, it actually harms the relationship because you don’t know if what they are placing on the internet is the whole truth. Face-to-face communication is slowly fading away due to online messaging through the media’s.

Professional relationships require in person communication, however, many students tend to contact businesses by messaging them either through the different medias or texting them. Whether it’s applying for a job or going through an interview, talking in person gives you the opportunity to appeal and evoke emotion, enabling you to pull in your interviewer. Social media is taking away the boldness that everyone has when presenting or speaking in front of a large audience. The decreasing in face-to-face talks leads to social anxiety, fear of interacting with other people, which could form even if people never developed social anxiety in the past. Social media are often used for business or professional work, however, communicating in person with people is far more important in order to be used to talking to unfamiliar people, so you are prepared for the business field.

Social media is more harmful than helpful when it comes to relationships. This results from our society being all about phones and for abusing the use of the media’s. Romantic relationships, friendships, and professional relationships all have negative effects from social media.

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