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Social Media in Our Life

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The social media is a phenomenon that is considered an infection that spreads between us and has no cure for it. Sadly, social media controls not only our habits but our behaviors as well. It is impossible to imagine our life without social media nowadays. However, all of us check our accounts in different applications as soon as we open our eyes in the morning before we go to the bathrooms. The first thing that comes to our minds nowadays it to document when we do anything or visit any place on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media applications. Furthermore, social media makes our world very small, because we can easily share what we are doing or feeling with people all over the world. Some people support that and find it very useful in exchanging cultures between nations, but others find it wrong.

Nicholas Carr argues that the lack of privacy between individuals is not a good thing, and I agree with that because it increases the conflicts between people, changes their behaviors to the worst and leads to individuality. First, Nicholas Carr argues that technology is not bringing people together, but dividing them more. although most the people think that technology brings them together especially social media, it is wrong as it helps to divide them into different parties. It is known that friendship has some disagreements and differences but because of technology, they often change to serious conflicts.

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Most of the fights between friends happen online because of a text message or a shared post in different social media applications. For example, recently the discussion in sports has changed into a conflict between the fans because each of them has a difference in their opinions, therefore it turns into insults and huge fights between them. Thus, you can find that it is common between fans to exchange improper words between them through social media behind screens but in face to face discussion, it is difficult to find such of these insults. These fights can be found in all fields, instead of positive discussions between users, they sadly change into a conflict. Hiding behind screens make them feel more courageous and push them to exchange such of these rude words easily. In addition to that, social media causes changes in behaviors of people to be worse than what they used to be.

Unfortunately, social media influences a lot of people negatively. A lot of people now do not tell the truth but they enjoy playing tricks on people and telling lies. Nicholas Carr mentioned that there is a study found that people share four times as much information about themselves when they chat through computers. Recently, most the people consider that a real success can be measured by how many followers you have on your account as well as how many likes you get once you share different posts. They can share fake things or tell different things that do not exist in them to be admired by different followers. In addition, some noble actions disappear among people as they do not find anyone that monitors their actions. For example, it is available to you to bother anybody behind the screens, but in real life, you cannot do that as there are different restrictions and rules.

Finally, technology and social media make our world a small village and connect people with each other, but on the other hand, they encourage people especially teens to prefer individuality. Most of the teenagers nowadays do not like face to face conversations and prefer online conversations that lead to making youth suffer from a gap not only between their families but also between their communities. Sadly, most of the youth do not know a lot about their communities traditions and customs. These traditions move among generations through family stories, folklore, sayings, songs, etc. that cannot be found through the social media community.

The heritage of families and community gradually disappear because of the continuous development in technology, so it isolates people from their communities.To conclude, nobody can deny that thanks to the modern technology, our lives have changed to be easier and comfortable. Nowadays, the aim of anybody is to learn how to be able to use the modern technology. In the past, people used to get up, having their breakfasts, read the newspapers and do their daily routines, but now they log in to their different accounts once they wake up. Because, of you can share your posts and your different videos or photos with other people around the world, there is no privacy nowadays between people and societies which ended up with living in a small village.

It is good for many people to feel that they are in one community and live as a big family, but on the other hand, a lot of people see that advances in technology especially social media affect negatively on us. First, they see that a great conflict appears among users once they disagree about a specific issue. It is natural that people are different in their opinions and they used to respect each other in the past before using the social media, but unfortunately, they insult each other now instead of a positive discussion. Secondly, the behaviors of people changed because of these advances. A lot of people now tend to tell lies and share fake posts to get followers and likes. They do not feel the shame of that as they feel they are not known by most of the followers, so they can do what they want to do whether it is suitable or not even you can find someone upsets you behind the screens without any regret.


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