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Social Media Influence Over Students’ Academic Performance (Rangsit University Students)

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Thailand is the one of the biggest country in terms of internet users in the world, with high social and mobile audience. Therefore, this study was carried out with the main purpose of inspecting the impact of use of social media on students ‘academic performance in Rangsit University. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, line diverting students from their studies. “Facebook in Thailand it is the number one most popular user-generated content website, Facebook gained popularity as it enabled its users to play online game with their friends”. Students spend more time on social media rather than spending their time on doing important works. Even though, there is loss of privacy and safety, social media also provides opportunities for connecting with friends, classmates, and people with shared interest. The main aim of the students to use social media is to learn for their better future career. It should be used to connect, stay in touch with one another, share views but not waste time on. This study shows how social media sites are popular especially, among students. It should be used in a correct way, so that they can gain more knowledge.

Questionnaires are mainly intended to find out different elements of social networking sites that have impact on education of student’s performance. Factors determined are effect of social media, gender, and students’ academic performance. Keywords: Students Academic performance, Social media sites, Influence/Impact of social media, University students, learning ability and time duration. Introduction Social media it refers to the websites and applications that allow users to create and share content or to participate in the social networking. Social media have become an almost essential part of daily life, particularly among university students. (Lau, 2017) In the literature, there is overwhelming evidence of the negative impact of social media (Paul, Baker, & Cochran, 2012), especially Facebook (Junco, 2012, Meier et al. , 2016), and smartphone usage on academic performance (Lepp et al. , 2015, Samaha and Hawi, 2016). The use of social media among students has reached high levels and has affected their study time. It even effects on their grammar and wrong spellings when socializing on social media as well as diverting their attention from their studies. Students spend much of their study time on social networks than in their academic undertakings and it has affected their Grade Point Average (GPA). Nevertheless, many of the students are found spending limitless hours of time on social networking sites like Facebook, line, Instagram etc. It seems that students are wasting time on such, but at the same time helps students to gain and exchange knowledge. ” Students with a more intensive use of the site showed a significantly better performance than students with a low usage profile” Arquero, J. , & Romero-Frías, E. (2013). Whether social media is of good or bad at present, they are mostly used by students every day. “We live in the Internet Age and young people spend huge amounts of time with social media” Friedman, L. W. , & Friedman, H. H. (2013). Facebook is one of the most popular in Thailand, enable users to play online game.

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To find out for what purposes students are using social media.

To find out students idea on how social network can be used positively

To ascertain effects of social networks on the academic performance of the students.

To find out students perception of social media.

Literature review

Nowadays, social media sites have become influential factors in how students communicate. Social media has become popular over the past years where it is used as a way to make connections, not only on university campus, but also with friends outside the university. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, line and Instagram etc. , has brought the changes in the way learners interact being more involved in discussions for better understanding. Social media provides active participation, connectivity, collaboration, and sharing of knowledge and ideas among users. These benefits provided by social media are very applicable and required for educational context. Social media are found to be new type of communication that can help informal learning at outside of the classrooms. Most of college students are interested in social media so, this study focus on social media. Social media use among university students can have both positive and negative effects and consequences according to Nielsen Media Research study, in June 2010. Facebook is the mostly used social media site used by college students followed by YouTube and Twitter. Only the class experience can’t be satisfied their understanding, so that’s why students use social media sites to learn more knowledge.


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