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There are a variety of social media sites available today. These sites offer a variety of tools that help the users design their content and present their brand to their target communities. These tools can prove to be resourceful when choosing which social media site one’s brand will use for marketing and promotion in order to maximize productivity by reaching a wider audience. This paper analyzes the online presence of Nike, its online marketing techniques and shortcomings as well as measures to counter these shortcomings.

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Business Goals

Nike is an American multinational organization or corporation engaged in the development, designing, manufacturing and global marketing and sales of apparel, equipment, accessories, footwear and services. The company has a respectable online presence with approximately eighty million followers both on Instagram and Twitter, about thirty-two million subscribers on Facebook, and seven hundred and seventy-seven thousand subscribers on YouTube. The use of the various platforms provides the company with tools that help customize the posts in order to fit the customer’s interests. However, the company has the capacity of elevating the awareness of its brand if it improves on a few of its practices online. By giving tips on how to best use the company products in order to get maximum services, the company will be able to retain more customers. Also, by increasing the brand awareness level on Facebook the corporation will manage to tap into new markets and boost sales of merchandise. By engaging a little more with its consumers online through responding to comments, giving consumers more tips on how to get maximum services out of Nike products, increasing poll questions to get feedback on its various services, and hosting more competitions where winners are given gift hampers, the brand can grow its following tremendously thus increasing the sale of its products.

Social Platforms

By growing numbers on Facebook, and YouTube Nike will manage to access new clients. This will in turn lead to increase in sale of company products and increase brand awareness. A lot of youth frequent these websites and this forms the greatest percentage of the corporations’ customers. By using the different types of posts e.g. Videos, Pictures and quotes intermittently the company will improve interaction with the audience. Pictures, quotes and short clips are perfect for Facebook while long videos for advertisement or sharing tips on how to use Nike products are perfect for YouTube. Currently the company posts less frequently but comes up with quality content when they do. It is possible to do both and by this the company will better sell its brand. YouTube allows brands to post frequently as long as they comply with the Copyright laws and the videos comply with the basic societal values.


The brand can use more poll questions on Facebook to collect important feedback on their products. Conducting more games where the audience get to win more gift hampers from the company will increase the number of loyal followers. Running YouTube Challenge campaigns often increase interaction between clients and the brand.

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