Report on the New Trends and Issues Within the Modern Social Media


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2014 saw a number of anonymous and ephemeral social networks- Snapchat, Telegram to name a few- surge into popularity. Not everyone wants their conversation to be in public or broadcast to the world. This has been realized by the major players in the media and therefore they have started to acknowledge the issue. For example- Facebook started a new chat app Rooms where people could converse with one another without having to disclose their details. However, there have been cases where sometimes the private chats have been hacked and used in the wrong way. Snapchat is one example of this where thousands of sensitive photos were saved by anonymous network. Though private chats offer great advantages to people, they also at the same time do harm to the people in some way or the other.


Today everything is on the internet. There is nothing in the world that is not found online. The recent Nepal earthquake that shook the country and destroyed it immensely saw funds coming in from all over the world. This was only made possible with the help of new media. Most of the apps had an option where people while buying services from these apps could also donate some amount to the victims of the earthquake through their cards. Apps like Facebook, Ola, Taxi for Sure etc had this option. Victims of natural disasters all over the world are being reached out to and helped through the media. The world is in a way uniting into one to help one another. Apart from this there are many sites promoting social issues. People are making the best use of new media and taking full advantage of it to make the public aware of even the minute social changes that one can bring in their lifestyle and help others too with it. Therefore, raising funds and making the people aware of social issues is one of the new media trends.

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Images are proven to be more effective and inspire significantly greater engagement on social content. Humans are more allured by the visuals and are easily attracted by good visual content. For example- Dunkin Donuts uses images to celebrate their fans. Pinterest enables people to become experts or atleast attract huge fan following through curation of visual content. Graphics play a vital role in attracting a brand’s target audience. The colors, fonts of texts etc everything is given much thought to while creating any visual content.


The network and the influence one has is a very valuable thing. Brands are beginning to recognize this. For example, the oyo app has done very well in the market and this was made possible by making people download the app wherein one would get Rs 500 on just downloading the app and Rs 200 while providing the reference. This way people will be more satisfied to download the app. Many other brands have also followed the same procedure and are doing very well in their business. Earning points by shopping is another way of availing discounts at stores. Other than this even restaurants have loyalty cards for their customers wherein they can earn points and redeem them later at their wish.


The popularity of vloggers, independents young video bloggers who film various aspects of their day to day life for thousands of their followers to enjoy online, is already shaping the future shape of marketing and advertising. Out of the top 100 most subscribed YouTube channels, around 20 provide vlogs as their primary style of footage, showcasing an amazing opportunity for brands to get involved. The marketers are now reaching out to these vloggers for reviews and exposure of their brands.


Marketers have realized the importance of their customers and have started to take more care of them by listening to their feedback and satisfying them accordingly. Telling a story rather than pushing a message, will make a difference for those who understand that, on social, showing you care about your audience (by simply answering their questions, sharing content aimed to solve their problems or by engaging) matters more than pitching your services/products. More and more campaigns are helping brands to grow. Also, raising social issues with videos and images are affecting the audience directly in the form a story and they are also able to identify themselves.


Paid media has become a crucial part and more important than ever. The increasing competition to get content across has, in turn, evolved paid media into another level, as businesses try to satisfy consumers’ thirst for good content. The use of social media has only continued to rise as the volume of content on these networks increases.


The year 2014 had some really outstanding milestones such as the icebucketchallenge , Ellen Oscar’s Selfie and Hashtags to name a few. It was an impressive year which continued to rise in 2015 with many new trends taking a toll all over the media. These trends are dominating the online ambience even now. Everyday it seems that there are new social networking trends which is constantly growing and changing with time. It is important to keep a track on these trends and be aware and up-to-date with the latest trends in the media. Doing so will ensure that how can we customize our content in the best way to reach our target audience and help a brand to grow.

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