Social Stratification: Downsides of the Phenomenon

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Social stratification is a general public wide framework that makes inequalities evident. Individuals are arranged, or layered, into social classifications. Numerous variables decide an individual's social standing, for example, pay, education, occupation, age, race, sexual orientation, and even physical capacities. The two social identities I choose are sexuality and body size. Beliefs in body size and the differences in perceived social weight for being thin across financial strata add to the social stratification of body size among women in the current social orders. When Our Bodies, Ourselves was published in 1970 it urged women to love and honor our bodies but because thinness is most valued by high socioeconomic status women, modern society women tend to adhere to the measures of a what is seen as a perfect body size or based on a social position. Therefore, because the Advertising, marketing, and the fashion industry have created a new type of woman that does not exist in the real world , depending how a women dresses, their shape or size can decide how far they can raise over the stepping stool and where they are set inside present day society. Gender stratification refers to the social ranking, where men typically inhabit higher statuses than women.

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Sexual orientation stratification is another social identity I chose, it refers to the disparities among women and men regarding riches, influence, and benefit. Sexual orientation is a socially organized rule and speaks to a various leveled, and inconsistent division among people. It can be outlined by the figures of inconsistent support of women in the work showcase, earnings, legislative issues, and more. The amount of men versus women in politics would be a perfect example. It shows how men have more power because the senators, congressman, governors and mayors are mostly men. In today's modern society we know that media, sexuality, and body image are closely related. Influences of our very own body image and sexuality mostly come from the images and sexuality portrayed in the media and advertisements. Even though there are numerous different things that impact our body image and sexuality, such as child rearing, education, and personal connections, the famous media and advertisements have a more major effect.

Together, Americans has watch countless hours of TV a year and I believe that anything that is look at for so many hours must have an effect, whether good or bad. Due to the number of images processed and the excessive amount of exposure through the media and advertisements, we tend to forget the difference between realty and non-realty. And because majority of us tend to still trust what we see in the media and advertisement's; body images and sexuality can easily be confused. The constant barrage of unrealistically body images and sexuality can stir up emotions and can often lead to death within an individual. Media representation of body shape and sexuality reinforces the stratification systems by reinforcing women as sexual objects and with the obsession on appearance there will always be a belief of an ideal body shape or weight in order to mimic what is seem in the media.

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