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A social worker has a significant in today’s society without social laborers alongside the assistance of Social welfare programs numerous necessities of people wouldn’t be met. This year more than 6 million kids will be accounted for as being mishandled. Every single day the guiltlessness of a pre-adult is damaged. Regardless of whether that be physically explicitly sincerely or even simply being disregarded. This conveys America to the reasonable supposition that social specialists are a need to elevate security for the offspring of America. As much as we need to close our eyes ordinary and imagine this isn’t occurring the insights are not a concealed marvels poverty for families is hard especially families with kids in them because according to the video the united states as of 2012 has one of the highest child poverty rates in the developing countries and also according to the video as of 2017 there are still 14 million kids living in poverty. The book states ‘We saw earlier that 22 percent of American children are poor. This figure varies according to the type of family structure in which the children live. Whereas only 11.6 percent of children residing with married parents live in poverty, 46.9 percent of those living with only their mother live in poverty. This latter figure rises to 53.3 percent for African American children and 57.0 percent for Latino children (US Census Bureau, 2012). Yet regardless of their race or ethnicity, children living just with their mothers are at particularly great risk of living in poverty.'(Social Problems pg.43) To add to this in “Social work and Social welfare” it reads families with children represent the fastest-growing segments of the homeless and poverty population. (Social works pg 161) Which in my opinion is a very large number as an adult I still live in poverty according to the annual salary my mom makes in the fields even though it’s a hard job she doesn’t make a lot of money and with the little she makes she is considered poverty level. Why I want to be a social worker.

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How might we significantly consider disregarding such great numbers many may see these measurements as something that’s dependably and has been dependably and will be any way there are few past ourselves that submit themselves regularly to the frightful conditions they call themselves social workers. Many at the prospect of such individuals being important those being ones who safe house saw the wonders themselves. A heavy drinker talks about his life and the exercises he has procured a someone who is addicted can broadcast his declaration and the treatment that helped turn his life around and similarly that those are essential beyond what one type can recount the manners in which social laborers have affected their lives. As a person that has had friends in an unsafe place and sometimes a drug-addicted home, they said that the first people they could always turn to for help was a social worker since they knew what to do because they have faced certain situations too many times although because of those experiences they were able to make their life just a little easier just like the alcoholic example I gave above. Numerous obligations accompany the professional decision of a social worker. In terms of social workers perceive the essential significance of human connections. They comprehend that connections between individuals are essential vehicles for change promotion and value. They improve connections among individuals to reestablish and advance the usefulness of customers their families and networks.

One of the major social problems in today’s society is poverty. Poverty has been a problem since colonial American times and what makes it worse is that it hasn’t changed at all since it has been established as poverty. (Social works pg 168) Even with the number of programs and services given to poverty, it is still a big challenge that still lies ahead and by the looks of it just like history, it doesn’t look like it will get better soon. I will talk about how poverty lands into different theories which are functionalist, and conflict interactionist perspectives. First in a functionalist view ‘Stratification is a necessary and inevitable consequence of the need to use the promise of financial reward to encourage talented people to pursue important jobs and careers.'(Social Problems pg.46-49) Although because of this Idea states that poverty is a good thing for society and that it’s a positive phenomenon that is happening. Next, in a conflicting view stratification results from a lack of opportunity and discrimination against the poor and people of color. (Social Problems pg.50-4) This one relates to the short film I watch called “Park Avenue: Money, Power, and the American Dream”. This theory shows that there are obstacles set in the way of the people in poverty to prevent them from advancing out of the situation they are in which shows higher powers try to keep them in that certain situation because they don’t want to lose power they think they own.

From what I have learned in this class there are many ways a Social worker can help people in any situation they are currently in and that also includes people in poverty. One way is we could start by furnishing help with solid needs is a standout among the most critical ways that social workers could help people in poverty. Solid needs may incorporate necessities like sustenance, garments such as clothes and shoes, and even a shelter like a home, however, can likewise incorporate social advantages, medicinal services, or kid care like for babies and small children and even young adults. Social workers can also help customers with solid needs in an assortment of settings, including social administration offices, network administration offices, and international aid organizations. They may allude to customers to fitting assets, meet customers to straightforwardly furnish them with products, or help customers round out administrative work required for certain social advantages such as filling out papers for school or aid programs that they might need as well as show them what could be best for their family at the time of needs, especially in the cases of people living in poverty, especially families.

The second Social problem we face today in the united states is Education. Just like poverty, this is another big issue we are facing today with people believing that public school curriculum to college tuition, comes to the point where we are believing that our children or students such as me aren’t getting the education we need. Although that isn’t everything that we are talking about we could also be talking about abuse at home that would affect the way a student handles school, as well as discrimination and like mentioned above poverty, which is another reason a student might not do so well in school and even homelessness as another. Because of this, a social worker is a critical advantage for students, guardians, networks, and school regions.

By attempting to guarantee that all students are prepared and ready to deal with the requests of the school just as homework and participation, social workers can support them to defeat various obstructions that could hinder both social and scholastic achievement. As I mentioned earlier abuse at home can cause a student to go down the wrong path. As a person that has seen it in person abuse at home is the number one cause to make a student lose focus as well as even cause them to bully or even take out their frustration on other people which causes them to get suspended and lose precious time. Because of this, away a social worker can help is by offering to counsel the person and one other thing is to make an appointment for both them and the parents. A social worker frequently works specifically with families to best make appraisals of conduct, learning, and social hindrances to make changes to intercession plans. Furthermore, families hope to also ask a social worker for help in comprehension and discovering assets to enable understudies to make alterations in the classroom and at home. Because of this parents can also get help filling out paperwork and like me, they could also help in help non-speaking English families that had a hard time communicating with the teachers when they are at conferences. Lastly, one other way a social worker helps in the education system is by informing us what things are needed and what aren’t like I mentioned earlier we believe that schools sometimes aren’t teaching us what we need in life while we are in school and because of this, a social worker can promote change in schools such as add new programs like more physical Ed, Woodshop class, computer science, and even electrician’s work so they could have real-life experiences and be ready to know something when they leave school.

Conclusion and Future Studies

In conclusion, the job of a social specialist is very complex. Social workers face numerous issues while working with clients and their families. They work with individuals all around the world with all things considered many do need them. There are numerous qualities that social laborers must work on to achieve the best results. Advancing social equity is critical esteem that every social specialist wants to achieve in every community no matter how small or big it is. Everybody had individual qualities that they have created as they have become more established however social specialists must adhere to the expert qualities that they have consented to maintain consistency and that their qualities don’t meddle with these. Social specialists work with the most defenseless individuals in society and to guarantee demonstrable skills they stick to rules consistently. Individuals who are socially barred have fewer chances to advance in life and most of the time lose trust and hope. It very well may be hard to address social prohibition as individuals who are socially rejected are hard to reach. Separation is a major piece of social prohibition. Individuals can be oppressed given their age, race, ethnic root, sex, and sexual introduction among others. There are just negative impacts of segregation that could prompt discouragement. Although even with all these roads Social workers find ways to reach every individual and help them understand that there is someone there to help them no matter their situation because of this Social laborers are very important to our society just like any medical field worker. As we could see if it wasn’t for social workers many people might be in even worse situations than they are today. Why I want to be a social worker. Because of this, I want to continue to learn more about Social work and how I could add my Psychology and also my Social Science majors to help even more in the field of medicine. 

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