Society’s Opinion On Beauty: Forms and Perspectives.

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Public Opinion

Society’s opinion on beauty takes on many different forms. Beauty can be seen as many shapes and appearances, but when we, as society think of beauty, different images come to mind. Beauty has become a false advertisement that takes over a persuasive object to the mind. What society has come to realize is that the kind of beauty we think about is not reality. Most people do not stop to realize the effect of this false statement. Society struggles to accept those who do not look like models. The pressure of society’s standards can lead to low self esteem, lack of confidence, and problems setting a positive priority. The idea of beauty will forever continue to be misrepresented.

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Magazines, television, and advertisements have given a misleading impression that slimmer is better. Most women gather the idea that being slim, putting on loads of makeup, and putting themselves in pain with plucking will make them what society describes them as “pretty”. Theses are all necessary beauty trends that women pursue when being in public. Technology plays a huge role in how we perpetuate beauty. The more technology grows, the more beauty in distorted. One psychology major said, “They photoshop the models so much to the point where they are no longer real humans. So kids looking up to them are like looking up to something that is nonexistent.

Beautiful people have a lot going for them, they are more confident and more often make more money. For career driven women, beauty is not a winning situation. The public wants you to be attractive but not so much that it is distracting. A main beauty paradox that women face is that they know that beauty matters but are unsure of how much attention they should pay to it. If people do not take care of themselves, then they are quickly accused of letting themselves go. People that have this problem are also criticized as looking tired and withdrawn. People say that looks shouldn’t or do not matter, but in the real world it does to themselves and others. Even though we say these things, we still do them because thats how society encourages us to look like.

Beauty has to do with more than just weight, appearance, and social standing, it also includes what is on the inside. Attitude and personality characteristics help make a person beautiful. Keep in mind the inner qualities of the individual as well and not just the cover you see on the outside. The term, never judge a book by its cover reflects well with this subject because people only look at what is on the outside instead of discovering what is on the inside of who the person really is. Some women say that the way to be successful was to maximize their education and minimize their looks. No matter how many times we put that belief in our head, it will never be the reality.

The truth and accurate way to beauty are two different things, but to truly be successful you have to draw your own path and not follow on everybody elses. Society has been brainwashed into thinking the same impression beauty has been taught. People need to draw their own path of life in a way that they as individuals can understand it. You don’t have to go a certain way to get to your destination. It is also the persons choice though, they chose the line they want to follow. We have a beauty thats our own and you can either take it or work for the lie. As a wise person once said, “Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it.”

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