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Socio-Cultural Factors And Their Impact On Health Economics And Health

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Culture is symbolic, dynamic; consist of the values, norms and behavior that are shared by groups, communicated across generations and a system of rules to be abided. Our perception of the world is deeply influenced by sociocultural factors. Our beliefs, customs and practices that affect our thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Examples include concepts of beauty, religious beliefs, material culture, attitudes, role of the family, societal status and perception of time. At MALC, we too follow certain cultures. The culture to arrive at our working stations 15 minutes ahead of time. The culture of having an equal ratio of women as men. The culture to start any event with the recitation of the Three Holy Books. The culture to take a round of the administration and hospital wing of MALC to greet all employees and patients and the culture to celebrate all events and festival with our admin employees, field staff, donors, patients and the outreach community workers. With relation to my experience at the medical camp, the culture they follow to the tee is that women do not show their faces to their mothers-in-law until they have given birth to their 5th child. The women will never sit along with their mothers-in law as a sign of respect. At the age of 14 years, all girls are expected to be married, if not, it is a matter of grave concern for their families. They usually follow an exchange system arrangement for marriage i.e. in order for one person to get married into a family, another person from that family should get married into their family. Once married, the females wear a series of white bangles on their arms and forearms and are not allowed to take them off until/ unless their spouses ask them to do so.

MALC encourages diversity, employees from different educational qualifications, occupations, ethnicity & race, religion, political affiliation and geographical region but united together under one roof for the betterment of the misconceptions of the disease and for the health and sanitary of the society.

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As an NGO, health economics plays a vital role as we are limited to resources. That is one drawback as we are dependent on our local, international donors as well as on the government.

Yes we do have skilled doctors and paramedics but are limited to the stock of medicines and at times equipment’s- one of the basic economic concepts on scarcity. This is where as an HR Department we require the skills of not working hard but working smart. To utilize the minimum resources towards the gain of maximum benefits- a choice. Relating to my experience of my visit to the two villages, that is what our NGO did. Conducted a need assessment of the Tharparkar communities who needed medical attention and with assistance from local community workers and another NGO located in the outskirts of the district we demonstrated the concept of an opportunity cost.

Due to poor hygiene conditions, the villagers were a result of chikungunya, scabies and fungal infections were common while the children were malnourished. Health awareness sessions for the villagers were conducted on both days of the camp with great emphasis placed on hygiene practices.


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