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“Each and everyone has their own kind of beauty. At the end of the day, all we have is who we are.” In my own perspective, I think this Philosophy of mine can be similar to the philosophies of Socrates. Through his philosophy, he stated that we should know thyself and question everything which made me reflect and think for myself. Ever since at my elementary and high school days, I’ve always had a low self-confidence when it comes to such things. Crazy as it seems but I still remember back then when my crush admitted that he admires my best friend who’s known as the “Crush ng Bayan”. Since crushes was a big deal back then, I considered it as my first heartbreak and it actually just made my confidence less again. I knew that my best friend liked my crush back so I ended up supporting them. I never really considered myself as a pretty girl and thought that I had no chance for my crush at all. But as I grow up, I finally learned how to love myself and comprehend that life is not a competition.

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Acknowledging other people’s beauty doesn’t make us any less beautiful. I thought that we can be so many other things and realized my passions and interests in life that can make me happy. As Socrates mentioned, “An unexamined life is not worth living” which means that if we refuse to question ourselves then we will act without proper reasons. What I want to say is that without experiencing complications, I cannot understand my true self and the goodness in life. The good life in which we make ourselves and the people around us happy so as to pursue wisdom that is associated with goodness. My philosophy is acceptable if everyone believes that all of us possess our own kind of beauty. It is already inside us and we just need a striving situation in order to realize it. While it becomes unacceptable to the part of “At the end of the day, all we have is who we are” because some will question that there will always be your family or friends who’ll stay by your side. But if we just think critically, not everyone can stay forever. There will always come a time that you will feel alone even if there are people around you. But on the brighter side, we must realize that being alone or being with ourselves is not bad. It can only make us figure out different things and prove that we are much stronger than we think.

After sharing all those insights, I can say that it is not just the characteristics or attributes of a person composed the self. Self is the real “you”. Self is “you” who can be yourself with other people and also the “you” when you’re alone. We should not act according to society’s standards and expectations but just be ourselves. Yes, it is not easy to love one’s self but it is in our self-discovery that we will appreciate our uniqueness. Nowadays, we tend to meet the anticipations of others in order to achieve something but I think it is still within us if we choose to be affected by other people’s actions. In my case, I believe that the decisions and choices I will make can only let me stand up for what I have faith in not just for the expectations of others. Human beings feel a sense of satisfaction when they attain contentment. Once we become secured with our personalities, we can no longer feel the need to prove ourselves to anyone. Our qualities will effortlessly shine. Each and every one of us can be influencers in our own ways.

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