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My Attitide to Sogie Equality Bill

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The Anti-Discrimination Bill, otherwise called the SOGIE Equality Bill, was passed at the House of Representatives on its last perusing a year ago. While the help for the bill is monstrous, there are additionally those that are firmly against it. Sen. Tito Sotto even said that there’s no possibility the bill will be passed in the Senate before the sixteenth Congress closes on June 2019.

Last June 30 2018, LGBTQ backers and partners accumulated everywhere throughout the nation to indicate support to the SOGIE Bill’s entry. They went to the one at People Power Monument and they heard what advocates needed to say in regards to the bill. They likewise exposed a portion of the wrong thoughts from commentators. We recorded them down underneath to demonstrate exactly how critical this bill is to everybody, particularly the LGBTQ+ people group.

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Church bunches have organized dissents against the SOGIE Equality Bill, saying that it “disregards one’s opportunity to express his or her religious convictions which is implanted in the Constitution.”

Be that as it may, actually, this bill won’t ruin anybody’s convictions. It expects to shield individuals in the LGBTQ people group from segregation and detest violations. “The most ideal way is that God stated, ‘Love each different as I have cherished you,’ said Rye Manuzon of AKBAYAN Youth. “I know from that announcement that individuals should welcome [the LGBTQ community] for their identity. As opposed to following an old obsolete message that they misquoted from the Bible.”

I have friends and family members who are active in LGBTQ community. When I was young I admit that I don’t accept gay people they irritate me, but then I was young and immature. I have learned that they’re not bad people and they have a positive mind even though they are being judged. I have a friend he told me that growing up in a religious family is hard, he always pretend to be someone that his family want to see, but deep inside he knew that he is not who he wants to be, so he gathered his courage and tell his family the truth. They did not support him and often beat him because of his sexuality. When he told me about his story it made my mind to be more supportive to the LGBTQ because they deserve to be treated equal.

I am straight and I support the LGBTQ community, its 2018 we should all accept the fact that not all of us is straight. I fully support this bill and I hope the Philippine Government pass this bill so the LGBTQ community will feel equal and not discriminated by the society.

I can’t blame other people and religious groups for not seeing the point of the LGBTQ. But I wish that they can open their hearts to listen and support the “Sogie Bill”. I know that God only made man and woman but there’s God love all of his children. Im looking forward for this bill to be passed in a matter of time because everyone deserves equality because we are all children of God.


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