Sojourner Truth Leading Feminist Abolitionist Advocate

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Sojourner Truth initially name d Isabella Baumfree was born in Hurley New York ninety miles North of New York City seven miles west of the Hudson River in 1797 enslaved (2). Isabella was the property of a few slave-owners and first sold for $100 at ten years of age at an auction block next to sheep, telling of the inhumane treatment Black Americans faced in the early days of the United States. Uniquely Truth at an early age as affluence of Dutch given the initial Dutch influence in New York. Isabella retained a Dutch accent for the remainder of her lie. Additionally Truth was illiterate though became known for her remarkable intelligence. Born again in 1843 Sojourner truth stood firm and endured many years of social justice and advocacy against slavery and began o embrace feminist reform.

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Black Americans greatly entrenched themselves in the fight against the brutalities of slavery. Some even blended the plight if with the patriarchal implants of majority White male society. In the Nineteenth century enormous leadership inside the Black and Female communities led the course of social progress. Despite the tremendous efforts of pleading viewers some questioned the reality of identities. Nell Irvin Painter’s reflective biography upon Sojourner Truth contains a chapter providing deep, concise insight on her deliberate speech aren't a Woman speech Sojourner Truth provided hundreds of individuals in Akron Ohio in 1851. Hundreds of listeners vividly received open expressions of a former slave turned abolitionist. Born in the state of New York in 1797 she was darker complexed, very tall in appearance with a relatively deep voice some listeners mockingly saw Truth as possibly a man despite her true female identity. In Nineteenth Century America and Western civilization feminism usually applied to the harmonious visual image of a White female. Native American and especially Black females were unfortunately exploited and degraded by American society at that time. Regardless of the humiliating remarks of some viewers Sojourner Truth led a very eventful transformative career in Abolitionism, providing enlightening speeches to crowds, providing guiding lights for freed slaves, and provided new opportunities for these individuals. Regardless of the many critics and down players of this incredible American leader, these remarkable events throughout the course of Sojourner Truth’s livelihood proved the endurance of a strong Black woman or Libyan Sybil. At the concluding end Sojourner Truth presented evidence symbolically Blacks are female and females are capable of association within the Black experience.

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