Solar Eclipse and Other Magic of Science

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It is okay that this is a series of exceptions. It is not a normal sequence. Yet the exception is also not entirely neglectful. They also have to find a reason. Especially in such a condition when they are seen on extreme days. If exaggeration is not taken and the supporters of man do not mind, it can be humbly said that the ‘game of luck’ is working in 30 percent of events. Such importance will remain of diligence and open support will be given to him only. But these unexpected results should also be considered.

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Science says that- ‘There can never be anything in this world that is contrary to the laws of nature.’ Incidents like earthquakes, lightning, volcanoes, hurricanes seem to be accidental to common sense and a reversal is seen, but in reality the same. Nothing happens. Only the subtle laws of nature work behind them. This is the second thing that those rules are not known to the general public or they seem surprising because such events do not happen on the day of arrival. Miracles are said by those who do not usually see the scene. Whenever science was first invented, it was seen as enormous miracles. When the obsolete inventions of rail, the telephone, electricity, the radio, cinema, etc. came out in the past, common sense was astonished and it was considered to be magic or the deity of ghosts. Now when the sequence of science and inventions has been understood, the amazing achievements of the vehicles, nuclear weapons, laser rays on the inner journey have been considered simple.

There is no object called magic in the world. The name of success is the ability to dodge people’s eyesight. There is a lot of description of a Successful Miracle in the field of spirituality. One can be surprised to see them, but it cannot be assumed that it is accidental. The common law tradition of nature is not behind them. The truth is that this creation is perfectly organized. There is also no scope for chaos. There is no such thing that can be called unexpected, impossible or miraculous. What we do not know has been known as a miracle. This unknowable can only be called an exception. Actually, the perfect system of nature is working behind those exceptions. In the beginning, sun, lightning, fire, rain, etc., the facts that play eye and eye were considered to be gods. Their motives were celebrated and sacrifices were made. The lunar eclipse and the solar eclipse were considered to be an accidental attack of any demons, but that is no longer the case. Research findings of science have well explained that there is nothing unexpected here. The unknown is called an exception. In fact, there is no scope even in this world for darkness, for transgression.

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