Solar Panda Farms Want to Conquer the World

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  • Built in a coal mining area
  • Solar pandas seek to conquer the world
  • China, the largest producer of solar energy in the world

Solar farms require a large space for their implementation and operation. If a single domestic solar panel is already a hulk, the panels used in solar farms are much larger. Its landscape impact, therefore, is also.

But, is this characteristic always an inconvenience? This peculiar solar farm, shaped like a panda, proves that it is not. A visual surprise that surprises when seen from a bird's eye view. As if that were not enough, the company that has driven it plans to build a hundred similar facilities throughout the country. If your plans are fulfilled, therefore, such an unusual farm will be just one more. Hard to believe, since today is something unusual. As can be seen in the image, it is an entire solar plant in the shape of this iconic animal, in serious danger of extinction , offering a nice image that resembles a stuffed animal or children's cartoon.

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The Panda Green Energy Group, based in Hong Kong, is the father of the creature, in this case a very ecological panda bear . Their projects, as we have pointed out, are really ambitious, but they can also boast about realities. Specifically, the plant that we see in the image that opens the post is already built in its first phase, with a power of 50 megawatts of clean energy.

Built in a coal mining area

Its location is interesting, since it is built in the province of Shanxi (north of the country), where a large part of China's coal reserves are concentrated. His idea, as it is easy to imagine, is comparative. That is, the productivity of nearby solar farms can easily be seen as a clean alternative to coal, harmful to health and the environment.

Only with the phase that is underway can avoid 2.74 million tons of greenhouse gases that end up in the atmosphere. In other words, the equivalent of saving over 25 million tons of coal in 25 years. Some numbers speak for themselves.

Solar pandas seek to conquer the world

The company does not stop. His first steps have allowed taking such spectacular and sympathetic images that, of course, ensure virality. Its objective is none other than to grow and grow. For now, they want to build 100 throughout the country.

The company expects to multiply the 1.3 gigawatts installed in 2015 by ten within three years and has already set its sights on countries such as Canada, Australia, Germany or Italy. The pandas are their strategy to conquer the world.

Awareness is also part of their strategy, say their promoters. In addition to generating energy, specifically clean electricity, panda solar stations want to take advantage of the sympathy that these adorable animals awaken for Chinese youth to fall in love with them and, incidentally, the principles on which sustainable life is based.

A challenge, and a necessity, in a country increasingly urbanized, in which manufacturing activity is a constant. In turn, it is important to raise awareness among children and young people so that the enrichment of the population does not involve an environmental drama.

Beyond the images that this panda solar farm concept transmits from the sky, school activities are carried out in the same solar energy plant. Likewise, the group plans to promote renewable energy in China through summer camps and competitions that are yet to be determined.

In addition, as a visual example they can help other educators to bring children closer to renewable energies. And, who knows, perhaps it could set a trend and start a war of symbolic animals from each country as an aesthetic for solar farms.

The fact that the Panda 100 Program, with which it is planned to build that hundred farms, is part of the government's economic development strategy will serve as a springboard to the project to be able to expand in half the world. As expected, cooperation policies between the Eurasian countries will begin, which will allow the construction in this region of some of the panda plants abroad.

China, the largest producer of solar energy in the world

China is a big global polluter. Its use and abuse of coal and other fossil fuels is causing a real global environmental problem, although it is not the only nation that represents a serious danger for the rapid advance of climate change.

This is not only due to the fact that the world has turned the country into an authentic factory that supplies the entire planet, but also because its population is very numerous and, on the other hand, dependent on the use of fossil fuels, especially coal. to warm up in winter and cook.

In terms of solar panel production, China is a world power and, similarly, has farms that squeeze the sun, making it the largest producer of solar energy in the world, with a capacity that reached 77.42 gigawatts at the end of 2016.An unparalleled demonstration of how a country can be a great emitter of greenhouse gases without leaving to fight against pollution in an unprecedented way. For example, as China has done: becoming a great power in renewable in record time. If, in addition, you can make homeland (and box) promoting your symbolic panda bear and its primacy as a producer of panels, better than better.

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