Alternative Energy: Solar Panels Versus Electomagnetic Pulse

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Alternative Energy:  Solar Panels Versus Electomagnetic Pulse

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We live in a world where nations and various groups have and are turning against each other. Some leaders have gone further to threaten other nations of a nuclear attack which could disrupt civilization despite causing huge humanitarian issues. This has caused many individuals to continue with their dooms day preparations in an attempt to protect themselves and members of their families against unforeseen circumstances that could destroy majority of social amenities. One of the major concern is whether solar panels could withstand and electromagnetic pulse (EMP).

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In circumstances where a nuclear arsenal of sufficient size is activated, it is expected that everything that has some electromagnetic waves or circuit will be in real danger of irreversible damages. This means that all the electrical cars on the roads, the solar panels on the building roofs, electric grids in various countries, and, well, airplanes. The Earth’s magnetic field will be disrupted at a greater extent such that all electrons will get spilled out of their normal paths and scatter all over the paths. The gamma radiations produced with high electrical volts will brow everything out leading us back to the dark ages.

Solar panels are electronic devices that convert light energy to electrical energy, this means that they do not have much electrons on circulation through the circuit to attract a huge nuclear electromagnetic pulse (EMP). This means that panels, by themselves, are safe from high charged particles from nuclear detonations. The only problem is that they are usually connected to electronic components that makes them vulnerable. The solar panels do not contain any high-tech electronic device that can attract the energy from an EMP. Moreover, they do not have any electronic component that can be said to be sensitive to high energy particles in their make.

The challenge is that solar panels use diodes and other semiconductors to control the flow of electric current. Diodes are vulnerable to high energy electric particles and will be damaged beyond repair, unless their protected by a component that can suppress high charges. Sudden spikes of energy originating from detonation of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) will destroy inverters and other charge controllers which are essential components of the solar panel system. Now you know that the whole make-up of your solar panel makes it susceptible to an EMP.

However, you understand that energy dependent is becoming a major issue in the world. This could even accelerate of the threats of an EMP continue to dominate our news. Imagine how independent energy source would be in scenarios where the national grid has been friend by an EMP. Therefore, it is necessary for you to have a backup option of all components that would be required when your solar power system has been damaged. A preferred protection mechanism would be a faraday cage.

You will need to store all your components here and you will be guaranteed of their safety from high particle charges. You can as well replace necessary components if your system is destroyed by small electromagnetic pulses such as lightning. The only problem with this potential solution to an EMP is that you will part away with several dollars if not hundreds.

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