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Sold to the man in black

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Days and nights merged into one as the past decade spent in this orphanage stole the memories of my youth, replacing them with the false hopes and broken promises of an unwanted orphan boy. Ushered into an unfortunate world of abandonment, I dwelled on othe memories /dream that one day I will feel the sensation the freedom.

Absentmindedly strolling towards the glass-stained window in my threadbare smock, my mind was solely immersed in the gentle echoes of my footsteps, each evenly spaced from the last in an adagio tempo. As the absence of sunlight in the orphanage had once irked me, this very window – the only window that shed rays of sunlight had been the source of my sanity for years, and for years to come. Cocking my head out of the window, my eyes caught glance on a chestnut stallion hauling the burden of an extravagant carriage, coming to a halt in front of the orphanage. “We have another customer. Children, line up immediately!” bellowed through the thin walls, as a cluster of orphans arranged themselves shoulder-to-shoulder in a single-file line. Through the gates strode a man dressed in black from head to toe, heavily contrasting the pale complexion of his skin.

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The silence of the room was only disturbed by the man’s measured paces and the occasional throat-clearing of orphans, in hunger for a taste of undying freedom. As his steps approached my direction, the man firmly clenched a cigar between his nicotine-stained teeth. Leaving less than an inch between our faces, he puffed hazy rings of smoke that pervaded the air before spiralling into an abyss of nothingness.

After taking one meticulous inspection up and down, he raised a finger to my chest and questioned “What’s your name?”. A bead of sweat trickled down my cheek as I stuttered “Tom Hillbottom, sir.” The words that came out of his mouth next were of those I had never expected, “I would like to adopt Tom, the boy with a manly physique and confidence.” A torrent of excitement flooded my churning heart as he imprinted his lips tenderly on my forehead and steered me out of the gates that had imprisoned the days of my youth.


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