Solutions to Climate Change and What Factors Affects This Global Epidemic the Most

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The Climate change epidemic is the referral to the change in global and or regional climate patterns due to a number of reasons including the emission of Greenhouse gases and deforestation. One of the most prevalent causes of Climate change is the emission of Carbon Dioxide through processes such as respiration and the burning of fossil fuels, allowing the CO2 levels in the atmosphere to increase at alarming rates. Similar to the emission of Carbon Dioxide, Greenhouse gases such as water vapor, Nitrous Oxide and Methane in the atmosphere are trapping heat that should be radiating from Earth and towards space. The dangers of climate change are largely reflected on the environment and economy. Some of the effects on the environment due to this epidemic include the shrinking of glaciers which leads to rising sea levels and floods over islands, species distribution and severe weather events. Looking at these outcomes, scientists at NASA have predicted temperatures will continue to rise, the Arctic will likely become ice free, more droughts and heat waves will occur and natural disasters such as hurricanes and tsunamis will become more intense. Some of the economic effects we see as a result of Climate change include trillion dollar repairs to civilizations due to destruction from a natural disaster, failures in industries such as agriculture and fisheries due to droughts, flooding or mass migration of species leaving flooded coastlines or drought stricken farmlands.

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One of the major issues caused by Climate change includes the melting of glaciers and sea ice in the Arctic. The Arctic is warming at a rate almost twice the global average due to the emissions of greenhouse gases. As the sea ice is disappearing, Arctic marine life, such as polar bears and narwhals, are being faced with starvation as fish begin to mass migrate and reproductive failure. Walruses are also among the Arctic species in danger because of the shrinking ice covers due to the fact they are crushing one another for space on an ice cover which is gradually becoming smaller and smaller as temperatures continue to increase.

Though Climate change is a major issue our planet is facing today, there are a number of possible solutions to aid in decreasing the rising temperature rates. One of the key solutions in putting a halt to Climate Change is the process of mitigation. Mitigation is the process of reducing and stabilizing the high levels of greenhouse gases. In doing this, the Carbon levels in the atmosphere will decrease, allowing more heat from the Earth to emit into space. Another possible solution would be building sea barriers and raising streets in order to decrease the effects such as flooding and the economic issues of restoration funds after natural disasters. As for right now, I believe it would be a smart idea to begin adapting to the climate change that has already taken place so we are in a better position for if and when climate change continues to increase in severity.

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