Solutions to End a Rising Epidemic of Homeless

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  The issue of poverty is rising significantly in America. It's a problem that can reach anyone when you least expect it. Therefore, as a major crisis affecting our society, you should address this. I believe we should come together as Americans and create solutions to end a rising epidemic of homeless people. Statistics show that people living in poverty are at greatest risk of homelessness. We are at a higher risk financially to sacrifice what little we already have. The number of destitute families with children has expanded essentially over the past decade. They are among the fastest developing fragments of the destitute populace. Making the problem worse the serious mentally ill were unable to re-enter hospitals because of tighter admissions standards. Without hospitalization or the ability to support themselves they were forced to the streets.

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Declining wages have made housing out of reach for many workers. In each state, a one-or two-bedroom apartment requires more than the minimum wage. This leaves most homeless people with little jobs. A serious illness or disability will drive people towards poverty over the brink of families and individuals struggling to pay rent. This could continue with a job lost, savings reduced to pay for welfare and it’ll all eventually lead him to an eviction.

The homelessness should get help from the community because in order for them to change they need our help. They are in desperate need of a helping hand, to get through this. Other reasons for helping the homeless are, they are human beings as well as you and I, it reduces our taxes if there were no homeless people in the world and some crimes will be reduced in the streets of the homelessness.

Regardless, there are a few reasons for Homelessness in San Jose, the primary driver of vagrancy in San Jose is the absence of moderate houses. High-lodging costs in San Jose are because of rivalry in the lodging business sector and restricted space. When an individual becomes destitute it is hard for the individual to recover his/her life back in such a case that the individual has lost an employment, telephone number, record of loan repayment and references, at that point it would be hard for the individual to lease a loft in the city since proprietors require such data before they lease their condos. The city of San Jose has been attempting to give moderate houses, however lodging isn't yet reasonable to all. Different reasons for vagrancy in San Jose incorporate abusive behavior at home, detainee discharge and joblessness.

Despite the fact that the U.S government has strategies to diminish vagrancy, it has added to the condition of vagrancy in San Jose and among other significant urban communities over the United States. Ironically the U.S government and its residents are the maker just as the casualties of the issue of vagrancy. The administration cause vagrancy as absence of social insurance and constrained expulsion from houses. In the ongoing occasions, cataclysmic events are another reason for vagrancy. Storms in the Bay Area and Hurricane Katrina have intensified the circumstance of America's destitute populace.

In the event that we take a gander at the state of vagrancy in San Jose, there is an issue of vagrancy in downtown San Jose and in areas close to the Great Highway. Individuals are living in vehicles, vans, campers and in the city. The police around the city of San Jose know about the circumstance. There is a law in San Francisco which preclude individuals to rest in vehicles between 10P.m to 6 a.m. In parking garages crosswise over San Jose, there is stopping control cautioning that demonstrate that it is unlawful to stop in one spot for over 72 hours. To abstain from abusing the law, the destitute possibly move a few streets away park till when given another notification.

Homelessness causes serious health issues like deficiency disease, AIDS, severe dental issues and infectious disease. individuals while not shelter are a lot of seemingly to be prey to harm, infections, parasites and violence. Since homeless individuals lack access to attention, the govt ought to make sure that they receive free health care through remunerator support. The homeless individuals have less access to education, are seen unsuitable for employment, have reduced access to engineering and have reduced access to banking services.

In conclusion, there are numerous issues to address homelessness. While solutions are not easy, there are ways for improvement. I believe the first thing that needs to be addressed are the underlying leading factors that leads to homelessness and inability for self care which is mental illness. Mental illness is a disability. First, we need to get these people the treatment they need to function independently which includes medication availability and rehabilitation. Where are our high taxes going to? A portion of this needs to go to addressing mental health rehabilitation that will decrease homelessness. Second, housing prices. The Bay Area housing market is high. A temporary solution can be grouping the homeless and housing them in areas out of the bay where rent is affordable and easier to fund through charities. It’s like going to an expensive store. I know I won’t stay in a store if prices are high and unaffordable. Instead, I’ll go to one where I can afford it. Third, who’s cleaning up the garbage alongside the freeways? Assign these tasks to those doing community service. Freeway cleanup should be mandatory for those who breaks the law. Let the community clean their community. It’s a huge issue visible daily to the public eye. We all can start small to work towards the bigger task to reach our goal.    

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